Disney Moves Forward With Major Layoffs

It’s no secret that things at Disney are not what they used to be. The company has taken some serious hits in recent years, amid wading into culture wars and hot-button political issues.

There was a time when Disney simply focused on telling children’s stories and fairy tales with happy endings.

Unfortunately, this time has long passed. Disney recently chose to focus on putting messaging in their content that much of the country has deemed to be inappropriate for kids and otherwise politically charged.

Disney’s decision to wade into political waters also alienated a considerable amount of its customer base. Now, Breitbart News reports that Disney is making significant company cuts.

What to Know About Disney Layoffs to Come

Disney has taken significant losses, due to reduced interest in its streaming service and movies at the box office. As a result of this, the company is working to protect its bottom line by slashing thousands of jobs.

About 4,000 people currently working for Disney may find themselves out of work. Right now, Disney’s priority is looking at the workers that are most disposable to the business and therefore easier to get rid of.

Per company reports, these layoffs are expected to commence next month. Therefore, workers who expect to receive pink slips would do well to start looking for new jobs now.

A Preventable Crisis

News of the impending Disney layoffs has ended up spreading like wildfire. Many Americans believe that had Disney stayed out of politics and culture wars, it wouldn’t have incurred such substantial losses as a business.

Critics of the company also criticized it for tangling with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over statewide education reform designed to ensure kids are not being exposed to content that’s sexually graphic or otherwise not age-appropriate.

All things considered, only time will tell if Disney can recover from the losses it’s suffered.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.