Did Kellyanne Conway Intentionally Leak a Nude Photo of Her Teen Daughter?

Kellyanne Conway by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kellyanne Conway is a successful woman. She was a senior counsellor to President Trump and led many efforts to push back against the media.

However Conway has many problems at home.

There’s her husband George, who caught a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). The two reportedly hate each other and fight constantly. Then there’s Conway’s daughter Claudia, who’s been on a long crusade to embarrass and reveal her mom’s true personality, saying Conway is a monster and abusive mom.

Now Claudia has come out with even more shocking revelations, saying Conway recently posted a nude photo of her online.

Kellyanne Conway Speaks with Reporters by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

What Happened?

Claudia, who is 16, has put out many TikTok videos where she talks about how bad it is having Conway as a mom. According to Claudia, Conway is “physically, mentally and emotionally abusive” and Claudia wants to disown herself from her once she’s old enough.

Recently some users noted that a nude photo had been posted to Claudia’s Twitter Fleets, causing the teen to respond in a video saying her mom had done it and should be arrested.

Claudia’s TikTok response, which is no longer online, says “the picture’s from months ago and I’m assuming that when my mom took my phone, anytime she’s taken it, she takes it all the time, she took a picture of that so that was on her phone and I guess she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her, but nobody would ever have any photo like that ever.”

Claudia gets even more upset later, saying: “Kellyanne, you’re going to f*cking jail. I’m shaking. I don’t know what to do. Nobody would ever have that photo. Ever. It was on my phone. I don’t think I’ve ever sent it to anyone. So, I’m assuming that my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something because there’s no physical, possible way that anybody would have that photo of me.”

“My mom deserves to go to jail. That’s unreal,” Claudia said.

‘Your Lucky Your Mom’s Pro-Life’

Many of Claudia’s videos have humiliated Conway since she started doing them more than a year ago and talking about how unhappy she is. In many of Claudia’s videos you can hear Conway yelling and hurling abusive insults at Claudia. In one video Conway calls Claudia an “ungrateful b–ch” and says “you’re lucky your mom’s pro-life.”

In another video Conway threatens Claudia’s life saying “you’re never gonna record another f—ing thing in your life! It’s going in for a forensic analysis.”

While some might argue that more is going on behind the scenes and that Claudia is provoking her mother and then recording it as a joke, it’s clear that Conway’s threats and anger cross the line. If it is true that Conway intentionally posted a photo of her teen daughter to social media then she should also face legal consequences, since that crosses a major red line legally and ethically.

Despite an interview from Child Protective Services (CPS), Claudia says they do nothing because her mom is simply too powerful and they don’t want to crack down on her.

“In terms of what can be done, there’s nothing that can really be done. I’ve tried everything. My parents are too powerful and nothing happens. I’m probably going to get in a lot of trouble for this. I just want everyone in the world watching this to know that I’m not lying at all. I wouldn’t lie about anything like this.”