DeSantis Slams Weak Liberals in Epic Speech

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently the lead contender when it comes to buzz about the 2024 presidential election.

The reason is his actions.

Unlike so many other conservatives, DeSantis doesn’t just talk: he gets things done. 

He’s usually quite modest. Yet, on a recent appearance of Mark Levin’s show Life, Liberty and Levin, the Florida governor opened up about how he makes decisions and about how to defeat liberals. 

How Florida Beat Extreme Leftism

DeSantis talked about how he’s stood up to lockdowns; he also discussed the importance of taking action while many people just sit back and complain or talk about how hard it is to change. 

As DeSantis said, there are “so many threats to freedom” that it takes action to protect our liberties, which is exactly what he did in Florida. 

As DeSantis put it, he “barred the door” to stop big government bureaucrats from taking away the rights and life potential of Floridians.

While many other states – even red states – buckled under the pressure and lies of the CDC, DeSantis took a cold, hard look at what the lockdowns were doing and just said no. 

Suing the CDC

In fact, the state of Florida sued the CDC for shutting down the state’s cruise industry; Florida also won at the federal level, because the CDC was breaking the law. 

This has big consequences, including the fact that cruises will restart soon in Florida; moreover, lockdowns and mask mandates are nowhere to be found in the state. 

As DeSantis said, his state also led the fight in keeping kids in school and stopping hyper-bureaucracy and liberal establishment groupthink that has taken over so many blue states at this point. 

Like DeSantis pointed out, Canada is “still locked down” and if he hadn’t done what he did, then Florida might be the same. 

Canada – which is led by UN Puppet and China supporter Justin Trudeau – has been in a near-constant state of lockdowns, border closures and hysteria for over a year now, despite a very low COVID case count.

Do You Want to Live in Canada?

Remember after Trump won in 2016 and all the liberals and celebrities said they were going to run away to Canada? None of them did, of course. 

They just stayed on talk shows bad-mouthing Trump and profiting off liberal hysteria for four years. 

It brings up a valid question: do you want to live in Canada?

It’s a self-righteous, liberal, big government country full of extremely high taxes, endless rules and regulations and complete groupthink. 

The conservative movement has largely been destroyed. One of the few people standing up for freedom – Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party – was recently arrested for attending an outdoor rally of supporters. 

It’s a progressive police state. 

Thank God people like Ron DeSantis exist in America to stop us sliding the rest of the way off the cliff.