DeSantis: New York Will Be a ‘Law-and-Order State’ Under Zeldin

On October 29 in Long Island, New York, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke to a large gathering of New Yorkers.

He said Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin can transform their crime-stricken state into a “law-and-order” state, similar to Florida.

New York Must Transition

DeSantis rallied hundreds of Zeldin fans at a “Get Out the Vote” event on the congressman’s home turf of Long Island on Saturday afternoon.

DeSantis, who is largely projected to secure a second term as governor of Florida, stated New York deserves a governor who would also “take a stand for law enforcement officers” and avoid “assisting” offenders.

DeSantis stated New York’s crime issue is “entirely self-inflicted.”

As shown by NYPD data, the crime rate in New York City increased by 15.2 percent in September, with 11,057 offenses, as opposed to 9,596, during the same month in the previous year.

The subcategories of crime that increased the most were robbery, vehicle theft, and grand theft, with rises of 22.7 percent, 21.5 percent, and 21.3 percent, accordingly, when compared to September 2021.

Crime is one of New York voters’ primary worries. 35 percent of participants in a recent WNYT-TV/SurveyUSA survey indicated prices were the most crucial subject to them, second were crime (18 percent) and abortion (15 percent).

In addition, Zeldin trailed Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who is pursuing her first full term, 41 percent to 47 percent, according to the survey. RealClearPolitics presently puts the New York gubernatorial election as a “toss-up.”

DeSantis continued, “We must be more focused on the rights of survivors and less interested in the rights of criminals. Lee Zeldin will not pamper these individuals. Because he will make them responsible, you will be protected.”

DeSantis stated Zeldin would indeed be able to do the right thing for New Yorkers with regard to COVID-19 regulations, energy choices, and educational concerns, in conjunction with combatting crime.

DeSantis stated, “If you elect Lee as governor, he would block any effort to impose healthcare mandates.”

Since 2006, New York hasn’t had a Republican governor. The Florida governor stated if Zeldin won in November, it “will represent the 21st-century equivalent of the gunshot heard ’round the globe.”

DeSantis continued, “Therefore, I believe this is a critical decision for the state of New York.”

“Would you like to remain on your current course, which has caused you to lose people, wealth, etc.? Or do you wish to choose a different path?”

Vote Zeldin

Before DeSantis, Zeldin stated the November election gives an “extraordinary possibility to save our state.”

Zeldin stated, if chosen, he would immediately dismiss Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for refusing to execute the law. Bragg is one of the numerous prosecutors with ties to George Soros, a leftist billionaire philanthropist.

Zeldin stated he will proclaim a state of criminal emergency and abolish cashless bail.

“We desire a government that does not adopt pro-criminal legislation. We want prosecutors who really carry out their responsibilities and uphold the law. We want to unambiguously back our selfless, loyal men and women in blue,” Zeldin said.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.