DeSantis Humiliates Biden on Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain crisis is a very serious problem. It’s emptying our shelves and making everyday life even harder for regular Americans.

When people voted for Joe Biden and his promises of unity, they probably weren’t thinking of bare shelves and sky-high prices, but that’s what they’re getting.

Fortunately, people like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are actually doing something positive during this crisis. DeSantis has been showing just how clueless and incompetent Biden really is.

DeSantis is doing this by making it clear even if blue state shipping ports are jammed up, Florida’s ports are open for business.

Florida’s Ports are Open

DeSantis has been a bee in Biden’s bonnet on many issues since the start of this joke of a “presidency.” From immigration to COVID vaccine mandates, DeSantis has refused to bend the knee to the Biden regime’s tyranny and anti-American propaganda.

Speaking from the port of Jacksonville, Florida (known as Jaxport) was the scene of a recent press conference from DeSantis. Here, he made it clear Florida’s ports are ready to receive goods and do business.

Unlike California and New York, where container ships are lined up into the horizon, Florida ports like Jaxport are receiving ships and doing brisk business. This is the difference between real leadership and the idiocy of the Biden regime and failed-presidential-candidate-turned-Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Along with the head of the port Eric Green, DeSantis made it clear that, unlike the blue states which are currently totally jammed up, Florida’s ports are ready for business and working just fine.

Florida Steps Up to Give America a Hand

DeSantis also emphasized Florida can fit more ships. Americans need their products, including basic essentials, and ships which can’t get a spot on the East or West Coast are welcome in Florida.

Container ships that can’t get through in this broken supply chain don’t only have an option to go to Florida; they also have good motivations, with “incentives” mentioned by DeSantis to make it even more profitable for them.

This is capitalism at work. Good on DeSantis and the state of Florida for stepping up with solutions, instead of whining and making excuses like the Biden regime.

While ships sit at anchor in California (and there aren’t enough workers, due to COVID restrictions), Florida’s economy is wide open and doing great.

How Bad is This Going to Get?

As Florida offers a helping hand, the rest of us are also wondering how bad this supply chain crisis is going to get. As we head into the holiday season, are we looking at an even worse crisis or will this ease up?

Buttigieg is on paternal leave for having bought a baby with his partner Chasten. So far, he’s just made excuses, even saying things are now much “better” than a year ago.

That’s nonsense. At least DeSantis understands the reality. It’s time a few people in our federal government woke up and joined reality as well.