DeSantis Bans Marxist-Communist African American Studies Course

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis banned a high school advanced placement course on African American Studies.

His administration says it is marred by “critical race theory,” a Marxist-Communist ideology that presents people of color as the eternal victims and whites as the eternal evil.

Part of Marxist-Communist Race and ‘Gender’ Onslaught

Critical race theory has emerged as one of the favorite tools of the woke left in its quest to rip apart the fabric of American society by “racializing” every aspect of public and private life.

American parents of all races have been speaking out nationwide against the poison of critical race theory as well as gender ideology.

The Biden administration responded with the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI to harass those parents brave enough to stand up for freedom, democracy, capitalism, and the United States of America.

According to Florida’s Department of Education of the DeSantis administration, a new African American Studies AP course is riddled with critical race theory and “lacks educational value.”

That is why, in a letter the department sent on January 12 to the College Board Florida, which administers the advanced placement program, it made it clear the course would not be approved for inclusion in the high school curriculum.

Florida’s DOE also emphasized the course was “inexplicably contrary” to the state’s law.

The letter, cited by ABC and The Daily Mail, said the department would “reopen the discussion” on the African American studies course if the College Board changed it to include “lawful, historical accurate content.”

Florida Mars Plan to Launch Nationwide CRT-Laden Course

The new move of the DeSantis administration is in line with the popular Republican governor’s efforts to counter the influence of Marxist-Communist narratives on race and “gender.”

Gov. DeSantis has repeatedly stated that he has turned Florida into the state where the “woke goes to die” and where parental rights are defended. The governor himself has not yet commented personally on the banning of the CRT-infected African American Studies course.

Last week, in a separate move, the leaders of Florida’s state college system declared they wouldn’t give funds to courses forcing students to believe in critical race theory. The advanced placement course in African American studies is a new addition to the AP program of the College Board.

It was launched at 60 high schools this academic year in a pilot program, with hundreds of more schools to partake next year before the course is made available nationwide in 2024-2025.

Part of the course is written by Kimberle Crenshaw, a Marxist-Communist legal scholar and well-known propagandist of critical race theory. The College Board has yet to react publicly to the DeSantis administration’s move to ban its communist-engineered racialist AP course.