DeSantis Appears Likely to Enter 2024 Presidential Race Before June

"Ron DeSantis" by Gage Skidmore

For months on end now, America’s been in a “will he, won’t he” state regarding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running in the 2024 presidential election. Polls have consistently shown the Florida governor either leading Trump or coming close to leading Trump.

Those in the conservative movement who have grown disillusioned with Trump are also rallying around the possibility of DeSantis running for president.

Likewise, political super PACS (such as Ready For Ron, Never Back Down, Ron to the Rescue, and more) have come out in support of DeSantis.

With the Florida legislative session being over, there is now word that DeSantis is going to enter the 2024 presidential election before this month ends, according to Reuters.

What Americans Need to Know

It appears as though the Florida governor will file the mandatory paperwork to campaign on Thursday, May 25 when he gathers in Miami with donors.

Following this, DeSantis is likewise expected to make his formal announcement for the presidency sometime around Monday, May 29, which is also Memorial Day.

So far, the Florida governor has not come out and confirmed that he plans to run for president. However, the reports of him gearing up to do so come from sources that are familiar and well-known to DeSantis.

A 2024 Shake Up

So far, nearly all 2024 election polls include DeSantis. Though it remains to be seen how polling is impacted once the Florida governor formally enters the election.

In recent weeks, various groups and persons backing DeSantis have started openly pushing back against attacks from former President Trump and his supporters.

Finally, there’s the expectation that once DeSantis enters the 2024 presidential election, some people who were holding off on endorsements may come out with their support in droves.

Given the heavy anticipation surrounding a possible DeSantis 2024 run, the Florida governor formally entering the race is definitely going to change the game.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.