Dems Prefer Dictatorial Presidents

When Democratic legislators cannot get the things they want, they moan and complain about how terrible the Constitution is to shift the blame off on themselves.

Given that Democrats have been unable to enact legislation to address climate change, it should come as no surprise that some Senate Democrats are urging President Biden to disregard the nation’s code and do their job for them.

It Starts With Climate Change Legislation

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court declared that the executive branch of government could not impose curbs on carbon emissions without first receiving authorization from Congress to do so.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, stated he would not support the expenditure proposal on climate change without ruling out the option.

Then, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse came to the conclusion that Congress exhausted all of its “legislative climate alternatives” and “it’s now ready for executive Beast Mode.”

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was worried the Supreme Court wouldn’t “enable any substantial administration initiatives to mitigate climate change.”

Democrats in Congress want the president to have the power and authority of a king, but only if the president in question is a Democrat.

Since President Biden has been in office, it has been obvious.

Democrats finally relented after four years of accusing former President Donald Trump of becoming an autocrat and congressional Republican politicians of being his lackeys.

They have pleaded with President Joe Biden to go around them on a variety of issues.

Even a month before Chuck Schumer became the majority leader of the Senate, Schumer pressed President Joe Biden to take action on the issue of student loan debt.

Schumer stated that Biden does not need Congress. “All that is required of you is the stroke of a pen.”

Bypassing Congress

Legislation is anything that has to be passed by Congress.

If there are not enough votes in Congress to enact legislation, whether it be on the subject of global warming or any other matter, then Congress does nothing. 

Whereas Democrats want the president to take executive action on his own, rather than try to gain more votes (or more people at the polling place).

When you can hand all the authority to one guy and his group of unelected officials, who needs a body of legislators chosen by the people?

Because the Electoral College, Judicial Branch, and Senate won’t bend their way, many Democrats want to eliminate them.

In a similar vein, they want Democratic presidents to disregard Congress if they are unable to get their policies passed.

When they don’t get their way, the first thing Democrats like Whitehouse cry for is more authoritarianism, despite the fact that they constantly shout about how bad it is.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.