Dems Pitch in Ideas to Protect Abortion Access After SCOTUS Verdict

Progressive Democrats and liberal activists came up with insanely crazy ideas to provide abortion access across the country as states started banning it.

Far-left stalwart AOC asked Biden to create abortion clinics on federal lands of red states. Others called on Congress to revoke the Hyde Amendment to increase federal funding for abortion.

Democrats Coming up With Crazy Ideas

When pro-choice protests erupted in New York City after the Supreme Court verdict, AOC appeared in the crowd, claiming she took a flight straight from DC to join her people in protests.

Speaking to the pro-abortion crowd, the liberal congresswoman stated Biden must start allowing abortion access on federal lands of red states “right now.”

During the speech, AOC also recalled how she was raped when she was “22 or 23,” but abortion helped her to decide her own fate.

Similarly, Senator Elizabeth Warren also asked Biden to “explore” the use of federal lands to give abortion access in red states.

In addition to that, liberal lawyer and a former staff member in the House of Representatives Daniel Goldman tweeted the federal government could start providing abortion on federal lands.

This could include “veterans hospitals,” as soon as Congress employs “creative thinking” of either eliminating or changing the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment is the major roadblock for the federal government, which stops it from investing resources to expand abortion access in states.

Reportedly, Democrats are highly unlikely to overturn this amendment, due to the resistance of Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin already voted against the abortion bill last month, which sought to expand abortion rights after the Supreme Court document leak.

He was the only Democrat who voted against that bill last month when the bill failed by 51-49 in the Senate.

Even Manchin is Unlikely to Save Democrats This Time

However, even if Manchin sides with Democrats to wrap up the Hyde Amendment, experts believe Biden will still be left with few choices.

This is due to the fact that state laws are likely to be triggered in case the federal government moves forward to promote an activity declared as a “crime” in that state.

Similarly, the idea of providing abortion at veterans’ hospitals is also a flawed one, as per conservative commentators.

They suggest only military members are qualified to be treated in those hospitals, so an average woman would not be allowed to have medical treatment at those centers anyway.

Even if Democrats manage to introduce some measures to expand the federal government’s authority on abortion, it is expected to be a short-term strategy.

As Republicans are likely to flip Congress in the November elections, they can introduce tougher legislative bans on the federal government’s authority to provide abortion access.

Similarly, once the GOP gets the White House, the issue will be relevant once again. The new president could overturn all of Biden’s federal actions, thus empowering states to decide their abortion laws in accordance with the Supreme Court verdict.