Dems Failing at Gun Laws, But Demand More

Democratic officials nationwide are failing to enforce existing gun laws in jurisdictions run by their party; yet, they keep demanding more legislation to limit the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, a report reveals.

Democrats Keep Wanting More Anti-Gun Measures

In certain jurisdictions across the US, the Democratic administrations are failing to implement criminal penalties against the violators of the very gun laws they have championed, reveals a report by The Washington Examiner.

It points out that in many Democrat-run cities, police arrest people with illegal guns, but local progressivists, i.e. woke and communist prosecutors, love to drop the cases and set the criminals free.

Far-left prosecutors allow suspects with “ghost guns”, i.e. untraceable firearms, to serve no or light sentences, despite an executive order on those signed by Biden last year.

The Telling Cases of Philadelphia and Washington, DC

The Examiner notes that in cities like Philadelphia, gun possession arrests have spiked in recent years, but convictions have plummeted.

The increase in the former was over 100% from 2015-2020, but in the same period, convictions in gun possession cases in the city declined from 65% to 42% of the cases. The decline is due to both the dropping of cases by the DA and judges dismissing more and more of them.

On top of that, the clearance rate, i.e. the share of shootings leading to arrests, declined to only 36.7% in 2020; in non-fatal shootings, it stood even lower, at a meager 18.9%.

The report notes that over in the nation’s capital, Washington DC police have seized thousands of illegal guns, but many such cases go without any arrests.

Thus, in the first week of March, the DC police recovered a total of 58 illegal firearms, but made only 33 arrests in that regard. The situation is no better in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Oakland, among others.