Democrats Try to Steal Virginia Governor’s Race with Racist False Flag and Fail Miserably

There’s a race going on for governor in Virginia. On the one side, you have Democrat insider and Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe, a boring and deluded leftist. On the other side, you have a mainstream Republican called Glenn Youngkin, who’s not great, but is certainly a lot better than McAuliffe.

The Democrats really want to win this race and keep hold of states like Virginia which they have a stranglehold on. Their latest trick, however, was so stupid it was immediately busted wide open.

Leftists Launch Failed False Flag

At a rally by Youngkin, the Democrat-allied Lincoln Project, working with Democrat operative Lauren Windsor, sent young men to dress as white nationalists and hold tiki torches.

They were trying to remind people of Charlottesville and scare voters into thinking Youngkin is a racist. It was so stupid, however, that people immediately began to wonder why a crowd of racists were backing a mainstream Republican.

That’s not really how this works, which the Lincoln Project would know if they weren’t idiots who drank the liberal Kool-Aid. The liberal media tried to play up the white nationalists standing with the tiki torches.

Liberals tried scaring everyone and talking about the deep hate in the GOP. However, soon enough, people started poking around and found out it was all a hoax.

This included exposing Windsor herself, a Democrat operative who later openly admitted she’d been involved in helping the Lincoln Project try to smear Youngkin.

Lincoln Project Losers

The Lincoln Project members are major losers. Their now-former boss, John Weaver, quit last year when it was exposed he was a homosexual predator. He would tempt young men with job offers and then try to pressure and force them into gay sex.

In all, 21 young men ended up coming forward against Weaver, even sharing screenshots and proof of his disgusting messages and perverted obsessions with young men.

According to this disgraceful group (which shouldn’t even exist), the stunt with the tiki torches was done to “remind” the residents of Virginia about the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

They are demanding Youngkin talk about what happened in Charlottesville and “condemn” it. Lincoln Project is also lying and claiming Trump said white nationalists are fine people, when actually, Trump said certain folks who didn’t want the statues torn down are fine people.

McAuliffe Responds

McAuliffe responded by calling the Lincoln Project stunt “disgusting” and he denounced it. Of course, he did, but we all know why: because they got caught.

Democrats and leftists love to play around with racial issues. They love to scare people and set them against each other; it’s their stock in trade.

Youngkin is slightly ahead in the polls at this point and there’s no doubt he deserves to win.