Democrats Outnumbered and Out-registered By Florida Republicans

In Florida, Democrats have pulled out every single stop to try to take the state back from Republicans.

This is more than evident as Florida Democrats Charlie Crist and Val Demings attempt to oust Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio. So far, DeSantis and Rubio both have double-digit leads over their competitors.

Both Republicans are projected to comfortably win their elections.

Though even if the DeSantis vs. Crist and Rubio vs. Demings elections were taken out of the equation, Republicans still have about a 300K lead over Democrats in terms of registered voters.

On top of this, for every one Florida Democrat who’s gotten registered to vote ahead of the midterms, so have nine Florida Republicans, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Another Huge Win for the Florida GOP

Since this past Friday, Republicans logged over 5.28 million registered voters; whereas Democrats in the state documented about 4.97 million.

Mathematically, the Florida GOP has 86,376 more voters registered since the primary in August. Over this same time period, Florida Democrats added just 9,830 to their pool of registered voters.

In early voting and voting by mail, Republicans also remain ahead of Democrats in Florida. Political strategists are now pointing out that things truly tipped in the favor of the GOP once it won over more registered voters.

At this rate, Florida Democrats don’t have the support, voters, or bandwidth to even come close to competing with Republicans. This is one key reason why the Democratic Governors Association has invested far fewer funds in Florida this year than it has in years past.

Incoming Defeat For Florida Democrats

Despite Demings, Crist, and other Democrats in the Sunshine State repeatedly taking potshots at Republicans, all signs indicate they’re going to lose their elections.

As it stands today, many new residents in Florida are people who left other states because they didn’t like the direction of left-wing leadership. Yet, this is exactly what Crist, Demings, and the rest of the Florida Democrat Party want to bring into office.

From the looks of things, Florida voters are saying no way and no how. At this rate, Democrats would be well advised to accept the Sunshine State is no longer purple, but solidly red.

As time passes, the massive gains that Republicans are making over Democrats in Florida will likely just keep on growing. There’s no indication whatsoever that Democrats will be able to turn this around or convince voters to put them back in charge.

What do you think about the enormous advancements that Florida Republicans have made over Florida Democrats under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis? In the comments area below, you are more than welcome to share your feedback and thoughts about these latest developments.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.