Democrats Have Finally Lost Their Faith in Joe Biden

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After President Joe Biden hinted at a re-election run in 2024, top Democrats across the country expressed their concerns about that decision.

The majority of them claim Biden’s current leadership capabilities and dwindling health are reason enough for him not to run.

Almost all of the 50 Democrat officials polled on this topic fear Biden’s re-election campaign is the last thing the party needs.

That’s especially as Republicans are winning in the polls across the country and are expected to sweep the upcoming midterms.

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Biden’s approval rating continues to drop

Some like DNC member Steve Simeonidis of Miami added Biden’s leadership over the past almost two years has been a decent indicator that someone new should be taking over in 2024.

Simeonidis believes the United States has steered off track recently, claiming the path we’re currently on is a one-way ticket to an economic and energy crisis.

Although the Biden administration won’t tell you this.

Others spared no criticism when asked what they think of the current president.

Shelia Huggins, another DNC member, stated America needs a fresh and capable leader for the 2024 election. Biden simply doesn’t match up to these standards.

The others wished to remain anonymous. The majority of them claim to be glad Biden beat Trump in the 2020 election, but say his presidency has been a major blow to the Democrat Party’s standing.

Biden administration let inflation fester for months on end

Among the dozens of other issues, inflation is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks where Biden messed up.

We’re breaking record-highs with each passing day; this wouldn’t have happened if the Biden administration hadn’t been so adamant about calling inflation “transitory in nature.”

Another trending issue is the energy crisis that’s only begun to unfold.

Gas prices hit $5 per gallon this Saturday, marking an all-time high; this is bound to solidify the Biden presidency as one of the worst in America’s history.

Some of Biden’s allies though, like David Axelrod, believe the issues America is currently dealing with aren’t entirely the president’s fault. They say Biden was put into office during a time when unprecedented challenges were right around the corner.

Another thing to note is Biden was the oldest American to be inaugurated as president.

He was sworn into office at the ripe age of 78, which isn’t exactly a graceful period in one’s lifetime, especially concerning one’s presidential capabilities.

Biden’s image continues to shatter, though.

He’s continuously involved in press conference gaffes. While other presidents like George Bush Jr. had a fair share of those as well, Biden’s continuous mis-referencing of world leaders and “out of touch” answers have tanked his approval rating.

Analysts believe the Democrat Party’s best bet would be to replace Biden with a younger man to run in the race; while that may be an improvement, the numbers just don’t add up in their favor.