Democrats Get Louder in Their Demands For Racial Reparations

Racial reparations are something Democrats have been pushing for on a fairly consistent basis. The argument here claims that because of slavery and the Jim Crow Era, black Americans are entitled to reparations.

The issue with these claims is that no one who lived under slavery or suffered from Jim Crow is still alive today. Likewise, slave owners and individuals who perpetrated the horrors of Jim Crow are also long gone.

Nevertheless, this is something Democrats are bound and determined to keep harping on. As Legal Insurrection reports, the push for racial reparations just reached new heights.

The Latest Talking Points

Left-wing Rep. Cori Bush went on record, arguing that reparations are a must. According to Bush, the extent of racial reparations should amount to more than 50% of America’s GDP, at $14 million.

Bush isn’t just talking, either.

She actually brought forward legislation in Congress to make racial reparations a reality. The Missouri congresswoman is doing this as the economy is already in dire straits, thanks to the ill-advised choices made in Congress and the White House.

Of course, Bush’s demands for reparations are being backed up by a fair amount of Democrats who echo her talking points.

More Concerning Developments

As Bush demands reparations at the federal level, California is considering similar action at the state level. There are already various demonstrations at formal local gatherings that press for reparations.

Meanwhile, a reparations board has come out in favor of the California state legislature making hefty payments to black residents.

California is known for being one of the most expensive places to live. Moreover, it’s gotten so costly that many people left the state for other locations. The departures were so significant in recent years that they actually cost California a seat in the House of Representatives.

Sadly, this isn’t the last that Americans will be hearing of reparations.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.