Democrats Get Caught Up in QAnon Trap in California

The Democrat Party has seen better days. With a week to go until the midterm elections, the party is struggling against an advancing red wave.

It’s normal for the party in power in the White House to suffer some setbacks in midterms. Whereas these midterms aren’t just like any other. The stakes have never been higher, and the weakness of the left has never been more obvious.

The problem the left has isn’t just with conservatives; it’s with each other. A perfect example comes out of California, where two Democrats are tangling over support for QAnon. This is the left coming apart in real time.

David Kim vs. Jimmy Gomez

David Kim and Jimmy Gomez are running to represent California’s 34th district. Gomez, the incumbent, wants to hang on to power and his team found a way to sabotage Kim.

Specifically, Gomez and his team started to accuse Kim of being a QAnon supporter and tied to “MAGA” conspiracies.

Kim is a typical Democrat who’s more on the far left than anywhere near the far right. He wants a Green New Deal and healthcare for everyone. He supports big government and the coddling of criminals.

The 34th District is not a place that’s in any danger of going red, obviously. This is deep blue Democrat country.

Gomez and Kim are not friends and they don’t really care about party strategy. At this point, the fight has got ugly; mailers are even being sent out with all sorts of gossip about Kim supposedly being friends with a QAnon supporter.

Why This Matters

The reason this matters is simple: it shows how conflicted and insecure the Democrat Party is. They can’t even keep an unimportant safe race quiet from controversy in the deep blue areas of California.

The party is in disarray and California shows it. The state party allows two Democrats to run against each other in midterms and general elections, which leads to some pretty nasty infighting.

Gomez and Kim are just one example of over a dozen California races where Democrats are attacking each other and doing the work of Republicans for them.

Certainly, Democrats will win these races nonetheless, but the long-term damage they do to the party brand will only help conservatives in the end. It shows the lack of competence and coherence that’s increasingly come to dominate the American left.

What Are Gomez’s Accusations?

Gomez and his team have been going at Kim for a while now on the QAnon angle. They started this past summer by building out a website where they said Kim is supported by QAnon folks.

Specifically, as Gomez team member Steve Barkan explains, Gomez took an endorsement from a Republican primary race loser by the name of Joanne Wright, who was a QAnon supporter and openly admitted it.

Kim should not have taken her endorsement, Barkan argues, and thus is a QAnon supporter by extension.

In addition to the special website set up to sabotage Kim, this was followed up by more attack material including negative mailers showing Kim as responsible for the January 6 riots.

There is no low Democrats won’t stoop to in order to cling to power, even if it means attacking their own.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.