Democrats Conquer Schools with Lessons Praising Bin Laden-Loving Marxist

Absolutely vicious hatred of America now permeates the curriculums of many public school districts in California.

Far-left leaders have used a nonprofit to develop programs that praise evil Marxists who admired 9/11 terrorist attack organizer Osama bin Laden. However, this is now passed as “civil rights activism.”

Communist Infiltration, Brainwashing Are Unbelievable

The scale of brainwashing of American youth to hate their own nation is beyond staggering, mind-blowing, and bewildering. Servants of evil have infiltrated this nation to an unspeaking degree and are no longer hiding their end purpose.

Commie-run California seems to be particularly ahead of the game in that regard. Its public school leaders have crafted viciously anti-American curriculums for this nation’s children, Fox News reports.

Those features ample wokeness, “critical race theory,” and all the other “niceties” of the radical left.

A report by a nonprofit called Institute for Liberal Values sounded the alarm that the curriculum in question is packed full of “radical” anti-Western, anti-American ideas, along with a glorification of Communism.

All About Those ‘Ethnic Studies’

The abomination occurred after California’s Board of Education ordered all students in the state to learn about “marginalized peoples.” This paved the way for a communist nonprofit called LESMCC – a “consortium” for “liberated ethnic studies” – to develop an outrageous school program.

To top it all off, the curriculum is now used in multiple California districts; its creator, the LESMCC, features active school district officials.

Among them are Taunya Jaco, a member of the Oak Grove school board, and Tracie Noriega, the assistant superintendent of San Lorenzo.

Among other Marxist “role models,” the Democratic curriculum praises Yuri Kochiyama, a Japanese-American communist terrorist responsible for more than 130 bomb attacks in US cities.

Kochiyama, who died in 2014, is well-known, among other things, for lauding and admiring the person behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Osama Bin Laden, as well as numerous other Islamist far-left, mass-murdering dictators.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.