Democrats and Some RINOs Are Trying to Make Women Eligible for Military Draft

Democrats and their Republican in Name Only (RINO) allies are working hard to get more women killed in combat. Following the death of two female American military heroes in Kabul, congressional leftists and their neoconservative allies are working to get women qualified for the military draft.

Pennsylvania Democrat Chrissy Houlahan is leading the charge to sign other women up for warzones against their consent, opening the selective service draft to all men and women over 18. The military draft is already controversial enough. Forcing women into it takes things to another level of controversy.

Tapping into the ‘Entire Nation’

Houlahan believes that the selective service draft should be able to tap all the fighting skills in the “entire nation” if a crisis comes. In a war with China, for example, there’s no doubt that our American women would kick some commie butt, but do we really want our daughters and sisters dying because they got drafted?

Choosing to serve is one thing: being told you have to serve is another, especially if it means serving an evil organization, such as the Biden regime. Our women deserve much better than that!

Perhaps what we should be doing is looking into a military draft for members of Congress before we look into a military draft for women.

Houlahan: Male-Only Draft Makes Women Feel Excluded

Houlahan has served this country in the Airforce and we all thank her for her service. However, her belief that the male-only draft makes women feel left out is bonkers. Women who feel left out by a male-only draft can volunteer to join the military.

Unfortunately, this bill now goes to the next phase, since including women in the draft has passed the House Armed Services Committee by 35-24. It wasn’t all Democrats backing it either: Congressman Mike Waltz of Florida and Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming voted for it.

Both are die-hard neoconservative, America-last folks. They are the type who like to use patriotism to fight wars on behalf of corporations or liberal ideas about nation-building. These neocons lost in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump, but are trying to worm their way back into our government by wrapping themselves in the flag.

Conservatives Push Back

Conservatives including Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas pushed back. They emphasized that the majority of Americans do believe women should have the right to serve, but do not support women being drafted into our military.

This will come to a debate in several months when Congress passes the next National Defense Authorization Act. Conservatives must oppose this anti-American bill which treats our women in such a way. If we let our women get drafted, we have failed as a nation.