Democratic Strategists Want Biden to Retire

Democratic political strategists are now questioning Biden’s ability to run in the 2024 presidential election. 

They think voters want to see a new face for the 2024 election; so Biden will end up losing the race if he decides to run for the presidency again.

Top Democratic Strategists Do Not Want to See Biden Anymore

Steve Simeonidis, a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), told CNN Biden should not think about his reelection; people are expecting a “changed candidate.”

As Simeonidis is a supporter of the president, CNN host Erin Burnett asked him why he does not support another election for Biden, despite being so close to him. 

Responding to that, Simeonidis beat around the bush. He started touting Biden’s measures in tackling ghost guns, passing infrastructure bills, and supporting Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.

So, the DNC member asserted the Biden administration is unable to communicate his wins to the masses, which is the primary reason for Biden’s dwindling approval ratings. 

According to Simeonidis, just a quarter of Americans believe Biden is doing a good job managing the economy. With this low approval rating, it is next to impossible to campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

These worries of Democratic strategists are intensifying, amid subsequent polls, all of which are raising unprecedented alarm bells for Biden’s 2024 election run.

Last month, a Monmouth University poll even established only 18% of Americans believed Biden was heading the country in the right direction.

Biden Lost Age and Stamina to Remain President

CNN’s host asked Simeonidis about his opinion in case former President Trump decides to run in 2024.

The DNC member suggested Trump’s possible nomination will put the country at stake, so Democrats have to bring their “best nominee forward.”

One of the positives for Biden in the 2020 elections was the remote nature of campaigns, in which candidates did not travel extensively.

However this time, candidates have to travel a lot for campaigning.

An 82-year-old incumbent would not be able to do that, Simeonidis added. These rising sentiments against the president within top Democratic teams are weakening Biden’s ability to govern the country.

He is now more focused on keeping different factions of the party intact, instead of running the country in these testing times, as he is trying to reseek the presidency.

Biden’s wish to run in 2024 was also evident in the media briefing of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

She clarified on Monday that “age or stamina” should not be a concern for anybody to question Biden’s ability to seek reelection.

While denouncing the concerns of the former campaign strategist of Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Jean-Pierre indicated Democrats should not care about the age of the president, as long as he is serving Americans.