Democrat State Senator in Arizona Arrested for Sexually Abusing Kids

It seems like you can’t go a single day without another story about a powerful Democrat abusing women or children. The latest example comes out of Arizona, where state Senator Tony Navarette has been arrested for sexually abusing two preteens.

Phoenix police claim they have recordings of Navarette talking about the abuse. These are very disturbing charges, so I’d recommend reader discretion. Nonetheless, it’s important to read if you can. The Democrats are truly dragging this country into the sewer; therefore, we need to face their evil in order to understand what we’re really dealing with here as a nation.

Who is AZ Senator Tony Navarette?

Navarrete was elected to serve as senator for one of the districts in Phoenix two years ago. He previously was elected for a two-year stint in the legislature as well. He’s a dedicated Democrat and is very focused on his sexual orientation of being gay.

His main passion is helping illegal immigrants through his activist organization Promise Arizona. Navarette is also a pro-LGBT activist who focuses on more rights for gay and trans people.

Furthermore, he’s part of a caucus in the Arizona government to boost protections for LGBT people. Things have taken a very dark turn for Navarrete, however, after his arrest several days ago on child molesting charges.

What are the Charges Against Navarrete?

Navarette has been charged for allegedly sexually abusing two preteen boys. According to the charges, Navarrete was residing in the same house as these preteens and abused them between the ages of 12 to 16.

The 12-year-old has accused Navarette of doing sexual things to him starting at 12. Arizona police say they have recordings of Navarrete speaking saying “I’m sorry” to one of the boys he allegedly abused.

The boy in the recording wants to know why Navarrete touched him when he was only 12 and Navarrete says he wasn’t “well,” so it’s not his fault. Newsflash: you’re definitely not well, you sicko…and it’s still definitely your fault!

Navarrete is currently out on bond, but if he does end up being convicted, this 35-year-old Democrat could be headed to prison for up to five decades.

It Gets Worse…

This disgusting, illegal immigrant-loving Democrat did a virtual court hearing for the charges because he’s currently got COVID. He’s also got the vaccine, but like so many of the vaccinated, he still got COVID and is sick.

Navarrete is just another anti-Trump, lunatic liberal abuser. The charges against him look incredibly serious and he shouldn’t be anywhere near government power or anyone under the age of 40.

This perverted freak belongs behind bars and far away from ever being heard in public again. Democrats are not happy with one of their rotten inner core being exposed and are chirping at Navarrete to resign. Where’s the loyalty to one of their own? After all, he’s just following the Democrat child abusing tradition.