Democrat Senator Threatens ‘Revolution’ if Abortion is Restricted

Jeanne Shaheen is a member of the radical left who represents New Hampshire in the US Senate. She’s also a fanatical anti-lifer who supports abortion for any reason. At the moment, the abortion issue has come back into the national spotlight, due to the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court case.

This case is related to Mississippi’s ban of abortion after 15 weeks and has the potential to eventually lead to a rollback of the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights case. Shaheen is furious about it and threatened violence if the legality of abortion is pushed back in any way.

What Did Shaheen Say?

Shaheen is a typical anti-Trump Democrat who formerly served as governor of New Hampshire before rising to become a senator. She has a record of sponsoring bills on the far left and is an extremist by any measure.

Nonetheless, Shaheen’s comments on Roe. v. Wade have shocked many people, even some on the left. This unhinged individual, Jeanne Shaheen, said if SCOTUS cuts back in any way on abortion and Roe v. Wade, there will be a “revolution.”

It’s been crickets from the liberal media since she made this aggressive threat, but with the violent extremism we’ve seen from the far left and abortion supporters, this is far from a joke.

We are treated day in and day out to those in our government calling conservatives “white supremacists” and saying Trump supporters are psychopathic leaders of an “insurrection.”

Yet, when a powerful leftist serving in the US Senate openly encourages revolution and riots, we hear absolutely nothing.

That’s because if you’re on their “side,” the left will do everything to help you and nothing to hold you back. They have no shame. As we saw last summer, they will literally support you burning down American cities if it advances their narrative.

What Does She Mean by a ‘Revolution’?

As Dobbs v. Jackson starts in SCOTUS, Shaheen’s threat is not to be taken lightly. There are already crazed pro-abortion protesters outside the court taking abortion pills and shrieking about “rights.”

Shaheen said especially “young people” will go berserk if Roe v. Wade is rolled back in any way. She can try to walk back what she said, but the truth is “revolution” is not a peaceful process.

From the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution, such events are soaked in blood. Shaheen wishes America could just keep being soaked in baby blood, but current events in SCOTUS are jeopardizing that.

So, she’s doing what the left always does: threatening violence if it doesn’t get its way.

The Left Doesn’t Believe in Law and Order

This won’t come as news to readers, but the political left doesn’t support law and order. They whine about democracy and rights as a way to gain power. If democracy leads to an outcome they don’t like, they just threaten (and commit) violence.

These people no longer have a place in a functioning political debate. People such as Shaheen aren’t just bad; they are actively dangerous.