Democrat Propaganda Isn’t Working: the Truth About the Economy is Now Being Fully Exposed

Democrats have been telling us the economic problems and inflation we’re experiencing are just a blip on the radar.

Not only is everything going to get better, it’s already doing great, they say. Now, some leftists are even writing articles and going on TV to explain why inflation is good.

This bizarre propaganda may be working for some people living in a liberal bubble on the coasts. However, it’s falling on completely deaf ears in real America, where polls show Americans have a very negative view of the economy.

There’s a reason “Let’s Go Brandon” is becoming such a popular chant. Our senile president can’t go more than a few hours without humiliating us on the national stage and dragging our nation further into the sewer of socialism.

The Truth About the Economy

The truth about the economy is we are in very bad shape. There are a rare few who have admitted the truth about how bad things are right now. Yet, most people on the left and center have been lying and saying everything is fine.

They’re lining up behind the Build Back Better communist agenda and saying this is going to rescue us with massive infrastructure spending. However, that’s merely pie in the sky thinking, and every real economist knows it.

The bottom line about the economy is just because people have money doesn’t mean everything is now good. When the money in your account is worth 20% less than it was a year ago, the numbers don’t mean much.

Everyone who still has to drive, buy food, pay insurance, and live life in Joe Biden’s America is faced with the horrible fact we are entering a scenario similar to Weimar, Germany.

People woke up one day to find their money lost hundreds of percentages in value on an hourly basis; therefore, they had nothing they could depend on anymore in any way.

If we reach that point, things are going to get very bad, very fast. The Democrats will be there to offer us their drastic solution of totalitarian Great Reset communism, disguised as a humanitarian project.

We can’t afford to let that happen and let the American dream die in such a shameful way.

When Were We Happy About the Economy?

There have been periods of economic happiness, such as the late 1990s and the middle of 2018. Yet, once COVID hit, everything started going downhill like an Olympic bobsled race.

Joe Biden and the Democrats came in with their tax and spend policies. They managed to make things even worse, tossing out hundreds of thousands of workers with ridiculous COVID vaccine mandates and restrictions.

The same people who created this crisis are now telling us it’s nothing to worry about. They were wrong when they locked down our economy and burned it to the ground; they’re wrong now when they say big spending communist ideas will save it.