Dem Governor Goes Pro-Fentanyl in New Veto Crackdown on GOP Laws

Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs has gone on a vetoing rampage against bills sponsored by state Republican lawmakers. She remarkably vetoed a law to crack down on manufacturers of the deadly drug fentanyl that injures children.

As Though Her Election Wasn’t Problematic Enough

Hobbs became governor of Arizona with a 0.6 percentage point lead in the November 2022 election. Now, the woke, far-left Democrat appears to be on a vetoing spree, targeting legislation introduced by Republicans, the Tennessee Star reported.

Thus, last Tuesday, Governor Katie Hobbs engaged in new legislative action as she signed into law eight newly passed bills, but vetoed another five.

Bizarrely enough, she made a pro-fentanyl move, defending the lethal narcotics which are increasingly being smuggled into the United States by Mexican drug cartels. In 2022, the US saw more than 100,000 drug overdoses ever, due to the influx of fentanyl.

Arizona’s Democratic governor thus proudly vetoed Senate Bill (SB) 1027, which stipulated more severe punishments for fentanyl makers causing injuries to children.

She’s ‘Out of Line’

The anti-narcotics bill was sponsored by GOP state Senator Anthony Kern of Glendale. Kern reacted in a statement by pointing out efforts not only in Arizona, but all over the United States for the past few decades, to combat the opioid epidemic.

He insisted that an attempt to defend American children from exposure to the deadly drug was “the least” that Arizona’s government could do. The Republican emphasized his draft law was supported by “many Democrats.” Nevertheless, Hobbs went ahead and vetoed it.

According to Kern, her pro-fentanyl actions demonstrate the extent to which her political priorities “are out of line” – as she seems to have killed the bill simply because it was introduced by a Republican lawmaker.

If Hobbs had signed Kern’s bill into law, it would have designated any knowing manufacturer of fentanyl or carfentanil causing injuries to children under 12 as the perpetrator of a “dangerous crime against children.”

That would have carried a life imprisonment sentence.