Defector: Liberal US Colleges Worse Than North Korea

North Korea — Pyongyang, Arirang (Mass Games) by (stephan) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve all heard the horror stories about North Korea: gulags, complete lack of freedom, not enough food, torture, sterilization.

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, 27, (who ran away from the dictatorship at age 13) says her time in American Ivy League universities was even more full of propaganda. 

Park says that her time at the prestigious Columbia University was full of indoctrination and progressive group-think. In fact, it upset her so much that she found it to be as “bleak” as her own home dictatorship that her family risked everything to get away from. 

In a recent interview with Fox News, Park said although she entered Columbia full of hope, she left fully disillusioned and shocked by how full of lies and pressure the whole curriculum was. 

Female soldiers in North Korea military parade by uritours is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

‘This is Insane’

Park said that her time at Columbia really shocked her. She realized “this is insane” when she noticed the leftist groupthink infecting every aspect of campus life and teachings. 

This included the ongoing obsession about imperialism and blaming White and Western nations for the suffering of the world, a fixation on what words are acceptable to use or not, and a very rigid ideology.

She was even verbally assaulted by other students for admitting she enjoyed the work of British Pride and Prejudice author Jane Austen; other leftists at Columbia told Park that Austen had a “colonialist mindset.”

Can’t a girl just enjoy a book anymore?

Park, who escaped the worst of the worst, was shocked by the stupidity and obsessive political correctness of her Columbia peers. It brought back childhood memories of propaganda rallies and terror, genuinely worrying her. 

‘A Communist Paradise’

In her interview, Park slammed American progressives and her college creep peers for wanting to build a “communist paradise.”

The thing here is that Park has seen what this kind of ideology leads to. 

Dead bodies. 

Millions of them. 

It is literally hell on earth. Only upper class white liberals would be naive enough to believe in it, go to school to be word police, then huff and puff about every little offense so they can feel nice when they go home on Christmas break to Rhode Island. 

Park said that Columbia totally shell-shocked her, especially the bizarre obsession over gender pronouns. This happened to the extent that Park even felt she had to not talk or vocalize her opinion, in order to be accepted and not yelled at. 

Anyone who has faced the insanity of far-left progressives knows exactly what she is talking about. If these people were five or ten people on a large college campus it would be no problem. 

They’re everywhere, though, with their “modern” mindset infecting all avenues of academic life and trying to bully and shame everyone else into their worldview. 

America needs to take note. This young woman knows what she’s talking about. It’s time for a complete shutdown of critical race theory in America.