DC Carjacking Gone Wrong Kills Uber Driver

Carjacking suspect crash on I5 by zoomar is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

There is a hidden pandemic going on behind the pandemic. The media won’t tell you about it because they’re living in a propaganda bubble, but facts are still facts. 

And the truth could get you killed. 

So you deserve to know. 

There’s a massive crime wave sweeping this country, with carjackings, murder, theft and fraud at record rates. The government might have ordered lockdowns and masks but it won’t come as news to readers that criminals don’t tend to follow government orders. 

Just like taking guns away from law-abiding citizens doesn’t stop bad guys from getting guns, shutting down public life supposedly to stop diseases doesn’t stop criminals from terrorizing the public, breaking in their homes, killing them and stealing their vehicles. 

The latest disturbing case making headlines comes out of Washington, D.C., where two teen girls tried to carjack an Uber driver and it all went horribly wrong. 

Uber – Broad Street, Birmingham by ell brown is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

‘This is My Car!’

Uber Driver Mohammad Anwar was a dad of three. He immigrated to the United States from Pakistan and delivers food to make money during these tough times. When two Black teen girls swarmed his car and tried to steal it from him he protested: “this is my car!” Anwar said, half pushed out of the door. “They’re thieves!” he yells to try to get help from people driving by. 

A man films on his cellphone as well, shouting to call the police and nearby National Guard troops. 

One of the girls zapped Anwar with a stun gun while the other grabbed the steering wheel and hit the gas, revving the car down the DC street and smacking against a light pole as Anwar clings to the side of the car and gets sandwiched. 

The car speeds on until there is a loud crash after turning onto N Street SE and the teens rush out of the vehicle as Anwar’s lies dying on the sidewalk unable to move. 

“B-tch my cell is in there!” one of the teens complains as she’s led away from the flipped car, ignoring Anwar’s dying body only feet away.

Charged With Felony Murder and Armed Carjacking

The two suspects are only 13 and 15-years-old. They had gotten a ride from Anwar from the nearby Navy Yard Metro station and headed towards the Washington Nationals Park. They then tried to steal the vehicle from him and stun-gunned him before crashing and killing him. The teens are charged with felony murder and armed carjacking and are in jail until their court date on March 31. 

Considering they are minors, it’s unlikely that either girl will face truly significant consequences for ending the life of a beloved father of three and contributing to the horrific crime wave that’s sweeping this nation. 

While the media whines about supposed “White supremacy” and goes on about racism, there are real problems happening on our streets and they are getting people killed everyday.

Forty or fifty people are shot every weekend in Chicago and it never even makes the headlines. Anwar’s killers are just as likely to get therapy and sympathy from the media for whatever tough situation “drove” them to smash an innocent guy into a wall. We live in an upside-down time and it’s time to tell the truth without shame:

Enough crime, enough chaos, enough corruption. These girls deserve to be severely punished and made into a public example, and their parents also deserve to be punished for doing such a bad job of raising their kids that they’re out on an afternoon in downtown DC stealing a car from someone. 

Here is a link to a GoFundMe page for Anwar and his family.