Data Recovered From Hunter’s Laptop Written off as “Distraction” by White House

Elon Musk released Twitter files detailing the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story that came up before the 2020 election. Following this, the White House did yet another asspull, this time labeling the data as a “distraction,” instead of “Russian misinformation.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated the Biden administration finds it interesting that Twitter is pushing the aforementioned distraction filled with old news, finally alluding to the idea that data recovered from the laptop belonged to Hunter and no one else.

White House covers up Hunter’s laptop story once again

Instead of explaining why the White House decided to censor the story in so many channels, Jean-Pierre focused on smearing Twitter, claiming this sort of behavior is in line with hate and anti-Semitism being on the rise on the platform.

The press secretary quickly shifted to besmirching Twitter and its current owner, Elon Musk, who bought the platform in October for $44 billion.

She stated the internal content moderation discussions won’t do much when it comes to actually helping Americans in need.

If she was looking for things that wouldn’t help Americans, she needn’t look much further than the White House, where Joe Biden resides; he’s been the driving force of this economic collapse we’re all forced to endure.

The communication between Twitter and certain DNC aides, as well as Biden, shows they intentionally flagged laptop-related content at the time when the story was in full swing, knowing the repercussions the truth could have on Biden’s campaign.

Jack Dorsey wasn’t aware of the censorship campaign

Journalist Matt Taibbi did confirm Republicans have attempted a similar thing in the past, using Twitter as a means to censor a story, but with significantly less success, mainly due to the politics of the platform’s staff.

On the other hand, though, Taibbi may not be the most reliable source of information seeing as he claims there’s no evidence the government was in on the censorship campaign.

Yet, there are dozens of reports of FBI agents seen at Facebook and Twitter offices only days after the New York Post published the story.

Additionally, it seems that the decision to censor the laptop story was made without Dorsey’s knowledge, even though he was CEO at the time. Instead, the company’s head of legal, policy, and trust, Vijaya Gade, was involved.

To no one’s surprise, Hunter didn’t get half of the smoke he was supposed to this time around. That’s even after his shady deals with Chinese and Russian energy companies were revealed, some of which even included Joe himself.

The Biden family has laundered millions of dollars through their businesses so far. Hunter was the one whose rash behavior brought it to the public eye, much to the dismay of Joe, who’s forced to cover for his son whenever it’s necessary.

With everything he’s been involved with, Hunter Biden could be facing over a decade in prison. Hunter’s involvements allegedly entail money laundering, drug abuse, and even human trafficking in the past.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.