Dangerous Globalist Hypocrisy of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Fully Exposed

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are both obsessed with climate change. They are two leading globalists who can’t go more than one word without barking about how we’re all going to die if we don’t start eating soy burgers and living in pods.

Gates recently wrote a book about climate change, calling on all of us to change the way we live. Meanwhile, Bezos gives huge amounts of money to “fight” climate change. In fact, just eight months ago, Bezos gave $10 billion to his efforts for a greener world.

This is what makes it all the more ironic the two of them were recently having a big birthday bash on a gas-guzzling super-yacht for Gates’ 66th birthday.

Bezos and Gates Party It Up on a Mega Yacht

Gates and Bezos were partying off the coast of the southern Turkish city of Fethiye, onboard a massive yacht. This beautiful area in Turkey has crystalline beaches and places to motor around.

The pair decided to live it up on the yacht Lana, which costs around $1.16 million USD per week and is over 100 meters long. Gates organized an entire bay near Fethiye to be closed down and secured so he could anchor there and party.

Meanwhile, Bezos flew in 60 miles by helicopter from where he’d been holidaying in the Aegean region on his own massive yacht. The birthday celebrations were full of delicious food, alcohol, and fun times.

Then, once Bezos was done with the fun, he got back on the helicopter for the 60-mile journey back to his mega-yacht which is called the Flying Fox. 

Green New Deal For the Peasants

It’s clear by now for anyone who hasn’t received the memo, the “Green New Deal,” “Great Reset,” “Build Back Better,” or whichever name you want to give it, is just a way for the elites to keep the peasants down.

They don’t intend to abide by its restrictions. The whole idea of carbon taxes, climate change laws, and the rest of it, is to keep ordinary people chained to their desks and living in pods. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful like Gates and Bezos will do whatever the hell they want.

The flight Bezos took from his yacht to Gates’ let out over 200 pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s not to mention the amount Gates and Bezos put out motoring around on their massive yachts and doing whatever they want.

At this point, it’s just plain embarrassing that Gates has a bestselling book on climate change. The only thing he should have a bestselling book about is being a rich and creepy hypocrite who laughs about the COVID pandemic and likes hurting the environment.

As for Bezos, his ex-wife left him for his kids’ science teacher and he paid huge amounts just to show off by going to space for a minute. He’s a loser who’s going through an extended midlife crisis.

Gates and Bezos: you’re both fired.