Dad Dies Defending Kids in Middle School Fight

A 43-year-old father from Maryland died after a beating outside his home. He was defending his kids from a group of adults and teens following a middle school fight, a report reveals.

Middle School Fight Taken to Home

Christopher Michael Wright was brutally beaten to death by two adults and three teenagers who were looking for his 14-year-old stepson, The New York Post reports, citing a WBAL-TV report.

The child, who is the son of Wright’s fiancée, was in a fight with another teenager earlier the same day at Brooklyn Park Middle School.

According to the boy’s mother, Tracy Karopchinsky, the group of adults and teens came to their house seeking to finish the fight that had begun at the school.

When the boy’s stepfather came out and told them that kid wouldn’t be fighting them, they reacted by saying he would have to fight for his stepson and brutally attacked him.

After the man was beaten unconscious, he was rushed to a local hospital, but he died there on Saturday from a traumatic brain injury.

Karopchinsky said the doctors at the hospital had no way of helping her fiancé since he suffered lethal damage and had a seizure before the ambulance arrived.

She added that punching alone wouldn’t have done such horrific damage and there must have been something worse the thugs did to Wright.

Attack Caught on Video

Karopchinsky’s three children were in the house while their stepfather was getting beaten outside. The attack was captured on a security camera.

The woman said the video shows her 12-year-old son running into the street, screaming and trying to help his father.

School officials said they were cooperating with the police of Anne Arundel County and confirmed the original fight occurred in the middle school.

For the time being, the police haven’t filed any charges against any of the suspected criminals. Karopchinsky said the thugs who killed her fiancé ruined her family’s life, but they also ruined their own lives and those of their parents.

She revealed Wright loved gardening and the stars. He was a devoted father.