Crucial Primaries Take Place Across the Country

Tuesday saw a number of crucial primary elections take place across the south, including in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama.

On the conservative side, analysts were looking, in particular, to see if pro-Trump candidates would experience a surge or whether new candidates would come in to win the day.

The results and now in. It’s a mixed bag, but will mainly be a disappointment to Trump, with surprising and important results as we approach less than six months until the midterm elections.

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Big Winners of Tuesday’s Primaries

Despite the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, primaries still continued, including in the Lone Star State.

Alabama’s votes went badly for Trump. Governor Kay Ivey defeated Trump-backed Lynda Blanchard, who has previously been our representative to Slovenia under 45. As in many cases, being an incumbent (running for re-election) proved to be a big bonus.

When it comes to the state of Georgia and its governor, Trump’s pick, David Perdue, lost big to Governor Brian Kemp. Trump wanted Kemp gone for not supporting him enough when he claimed voter fraud, but Georgia voters saw it differently.

In the race for Georgia’s attorney general, Trump also lost out big, with his pick John Gordon getting shellacked at the polls in favor of non-Trump Republican Chris Carr.

In the race for secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger won re-election against Trump-backed Jody Hice.

Tuesday was a bad day for Trump in terms of high-profile battles in Georgia, except for the notable exception of Georgia’s 14th Congressional district.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene easily defeated her opponent Jennifer Strahan, despite the big money and PACs backing Strahan.

More News From the Primaries

Conservative Herschel Walker also won the primary to run for Senate in Georgia and was given a big thumbs up by Trump. Walker is likely to be facing down against Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock.

When it comes to Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders easily won to be the candidate for governor, marking a solid pro-Trump win in the Natural State.

Huckabee Sanders has a very good outlook going into the midterms, considering Arkansas tends to be a very red state.

Elsewhere in Arkansas, former NFL player and special forces fighter Jake Bequette failed to unseat Senator John Boozman, who easily won the primary.

As for Texas, AG Ken Paxton defeated George P. Bush, representing another incumbent victory, despite Bush’s storied political name and family dynasty.

The Bottom Line

Yesterday was a big day for incumbents. Even MTG, after all, is an incumbent. From Georgia to Arkansas, Trump is likely to be somewhat displeased by the results.

It was most of all a day where voters appeared to go for names they recognized and stay away from trying much of anything new.