Critical Race Theory? Yes Please Says Biden

Biden Obama by Daniel Schwen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

President Joe Biden promised to do everything he could to bring the country together.

During his campaign he sounded like a broken record, saying he won’t just be President for those who voted for him but also for all Americans.

If he wanted to be President for everyone who voted for him he’d have to set up a bunch of Ouija boards on the White House porch, so you can already tell he was lying.

But all Americans? Come on, man.

The extent of Biden’s lies is now becoming clear and it’s shocking even to his conservative critics how much he is already dividing the country even worse than before.

Biden Embraces Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is a racist ideology that blames White people for the world’s problems and claims that America is an evil, oppressive country.

This sick ideology has wormed its way into many educational curriculums and also the federal government, where various agencies hold “diversity training” to try to make people ashamed to be White and to treat minorities as helpless victims (which is obviously deeply racist).

President Trump banned critical race theory from being taught in any government agency, but one of the first things Biden did once he sat down at the Resolute Desk is to sign an executive order bringing critical race theory back for government employees.

“Hey White employee guy at FEMA, you’re a racist piece of garbage who represents centuries of oppression and America was basically a mistake. Have a great day.”

“Thanks, President Biden!”

Biden Accelerates the Culture War

Biden isn’t just taking sides in the culture war, he’s putting his foot down on the accelerator and moving this country further towards real social collapse. Not only is there an awful pandemic going on and people struggling to survive economically, people are sick and tired of being assaulted by left-wing propaganda.

This even includes many working class Democrats who remember the days before their party was batcrap insane. They just want jobs, basic respect and to improve America like everyone else.

But their party – and President – have gone completely insane.

Biden made sure to also cancel Trump’s 1776 Commission to teach students about all the great things Americans have done and correct the false idea that slavery was the main thing that defined the United States. This false idea was put out by New York Times propaganda in something called the 1619 Project which started to infest many curriculums with its hate-filled lies.

The 1776 project was there to set the record straight, but Biden made sure to X it and to bring back critical race theory for those who run the country.

Because what President would want to teach that his own country is great, right? (Sarcasm).

Vice President Joe Biden has breakfast with the troops [Image 1 of 11] by DVIDSHUB is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Biden Administration is Breaking America

Many of those who voted for Biden – those who actually exist – are already saying they regret voting for him. They never realized he’d actually cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, or start doing crazy social justice garbage on day one in office.

Now it turns out that when you let a senile old man who’s dreamed of being President his whole life into office he does what his handlers tell him.

And his handlers are progressive mega-corporations, the military industrial complex and insane social justice grads from liberal arts colleges who use strange pronouns and don’t believe gender is real.

The result is what we’re seeing: a nation that’s already losing more jobs by the day, has no real plan to fight the COVID surge except vaccines Trump was already getting out to people and which is led by a guy who is determined to make the divisions in this country even worse.