Crisis: Thousands of Gas Stations are Out of Gas

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If you get your news from the liberal media then you might not know that thousands of gas stations across the country are out of gas.

The southeast has been especially hard hit, with panic buying starting in many areas in places like Georgia and other Southern states. 

The recent hack of the Colonial pipeline network did a lot more damage than the government admitted at first, taking the entire 5,500 mile pipeline from the Texas Gulf Coast to New Jersey offline. 

Colonia delivers around 45% of all the fuel that’s used on the east coast, so its systems going offline could end up spiraling into a far worse crisis. 

Let’s not lie to ourselves about the seriousness of this situation. 

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America is not Safe from Cyberattack

The Colonial hack showed just how unsafe America’s electrical and energy grid is in terms of vulnerability to cyber attacks. 

Although part of the pipeline is back online, the ability of the DarkSide hacker group to mess with the circuits, breakers, gauges and more is deeply concerning from a national security perspective. 

Even if they weren’t working for Russia, what about a future cyber attack by Chinese assets, Iran or North Korea?

Although gas stations are running out, S&P’s Oil Price Information Service analyst Tom Kloza says that “a lot of that is because they’re selling three or four times as much gasoline that they normally sell in a given day, because people do panic. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Colonial has been offline for more than five days now – with service only partly restored so far – so to claim this shortage is only caused by panic-buying is quite unlikely. 

It’s far from just the South which is having big issues at the pump, either. Around 8% of Virginia gas stations said they were out of gas and almost 9% of North Carolina stations were out, amounting to over 5,400 stations. 

There’s obviously going to be major price gouging going on at well, at stations that still have gas. 

More Problems Ahead

Leadership from President Biden is nowhere to be found, of course, and we are facing serious problems ahead. 

The Middle East is burning down, gas prices are rising and fuel is now in danger of not being delivered to key infrastructure locations. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a statewide state of emergency on Tuesday and it’s good to know that at least some people are taking this crisis seriously. As for air travel, that’s also now in question somewhat, as planes make sure to take enough fuel onboard for extra flights in case they can’t fuel up at their next destination. 

Planes generally carry enough for one flight in order to save money on mileage by having less weight, but they can carry more, however it will obviously raise costs and hike up the price.