Crazed Leftist Terrorists Attack Trump Store in Massachusetts

Several months ago, head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas said the greatest threat facing the United States is white supremacy.

This is the opposite of the truth and he knows it.

The worst threat facing America is the radical left and their minions. They tried to literally burn down the country in the summer of 2020; now, their hatred of conservatives and the United States continues.

The latest example comes out of a small town in Massachusetts; one unhinged leftist decided to commit a politically-motivated terrorist attack against conservatives.

Man Rams His Car Into Pro-Trump Store

The attack occurred around 5 p.m. on Thursday afternoon; a driver smashed directly through the storefront of New England for Trump in Easton, Massachusetts.

This small town about half an hour drive south of Boston is usually a fairly peaceful place. Though that tranquility was broken when the driver plowed his VW Jetta at top speed through the front window of the store.

The driver, 46-year-old Sean Flaherty, comes from Raynham, Massachusetts, a short drive south of Easton. He had minor injuries as a result of smashing his car into the store and was taken to the hospital and treated.

He drove his car so fast it ended up 20 feet inside the store and nearly killed an employee who happened to be standing near the area where the car suddenly plowed inside without warning.

Flaherty’s car contained a number of anti-Trump bumper stickers. The driver is now telling police that “voices” told him to do it, probably the same “voices” that made him imagine the problem in this country is Trump.

Charges Laid Against Flaherty

Flaherty has been hit with multiple charges as a result of his car attack and may face more charges.

The Easton Police Department noted they take the investigation very seriously. They will be looking more into what led to this attack and putting additional charges on Flaherty in addition to destruction of property and dangerous driving.

His license is already being revoked.

What seems clear here, however, is he’s going to go for the insanity defense and get off with a slap on the wrist. If Flaherty had struck and paralyzed or killed someone in the store, the media would still downplay it as one lone crazy.

The truth is there’s a silent epidemic against patriotic and America First citizens going on in this country; you’ll only hear the truth about it in rare places such as here on Mainstreet Press. 

Most media would prefer to ignore it and stick with the easy, false, narratives that are peddled by far-left news outlets.

The Bottom Line

The far left is on the loose in America and they are utterly unhinged and violent. Please be cautious at all times and maintain your situational awareness.