Country Star Travis Tritt Gives Fauci and Biden the Middle Finger

Travis Tritt is a country legend. He’s got enough hits under his belt to keep audiences singing along all night, from “It’s a Great Day to be Alive” to “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares).”

Tritt has a new album out as well called Set in Stone, which was released earlier this year. Tritt has also been on tour playing a mix of old favorites and new releases.

However, the conservative country star had to make a surprising announcement that’s potentially going to lose him a lot of money. He’s not playing any venues that mandate masks, COVID vaccine proof, or negative COVID tests.

Tritt Takes a Stand for Freedom

According to Tritt, the reason he’s doing this is he disagrees with the “discrimination” of segregating fans by their vaccination status. He believes anti-American behavior, such as requiring masks or vaccines, cannot be “tolerated.”

Tritt made the announcement just recently, saying any of his shows or venues which do have these rules are now scrapped, effective immediately. This is great to see; it’s exactly the kind of pushback that will start to move the needle and erode the bio-fascism trying to strangle this country.

This announcement by Tritt isn’t just talk; it’s resulted in him canceling numerous shows across the country from Kentucky to Pennsylvania.

As Tritt notes, he’s been very “vocal” about his beliefs on COVID mandates from the very beginning. He’s also a dedicated conservative who’s used his voice to support President Trump and stand for American values.


Tritt Says He’s Willing to ‘Sacrifice’ Lots of Cash for What He Believes

More artists and celebrities like Travis Tritt need to start standing up for their beliefs. When people see artists are willing to lose money for their beliefs, they will become encouraged as well.

One other performer we’ve seen take a stand is Eric Clapton, who said he’ll also cancel any show where there are vaccine mandates. Clapton made headlines for opening up about the horrible side effects of the COVID vaccine.

Likewise, the singer Van Morrison has also been very vocal in his speaking out against the COVID regime as well.

The Bottom Line

As Tritt said, the COVID “narrative” is collapsing. When people understand all the fear and psychological warfare being used against us is only being done to control us, they start to wake up.

The government doesn’t care about you. The lockdowns and masks don’t work. There is no reason people in an audience should be required to do things they don’t want to do. It’s their choice, and Tritt is right to take a stand for freedom here.

Liberals are already saying he’s a “COVID-denier” and an idiot, but the truth is the opposite. He’s an America-lover who realizes our liberty is far more valuable than shutting society down for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.