Corporate Transgenderism Unleashed as Nike Goes for Dylan Mulvaney

Big business corporations have never been shy about backing transgenderism, but their abominable embrace of the gender doctrine just hit a new low. Nike signed up social media “personality” Dylan Mulvaney to advertise its women’s leggings and bras.

Biological Man Promoting Bras Now

Dylan Mulvaney, a “sensation” with over 10 million fans on Chinese Communist spying network TikTok, has been among the most celebrated “stars” of transgenderism for at least a year now.

That has especially been the case since October 2022 when the biological male claiming to be a woman famously interviewed Sleepy Joe in the White House.

Sports goods giant Nike has now apparently decided to give Mulvaney “her” most high-profile advertising job to date, even after beer maker Bud Light already did so recently and invited “widespread derision and scorn,” OutClick reported.

Bud Light’s passionate defense of its decision to associate the transgender figure with its trademark beer made little sense, but that hasn’t stopped Nike from going down the same road.

On Wednesday, Mulvaney revealed “she” now has a “brand partnership” with Nike, which, interestingly enough, has chosen the male-born individual to promote their women’s leggings and sports bras.

The report reflects widespread confusion and bewilderment at how exactly the sportswear behemoth figured that having a biological male as a top promoter would help sell its bras and leggings to women.

Corporations Bet on Positive Coverage

The article dwells on how using a man to showcase women’s clothes “may seem laughable” – and yet, corporations are repeatedly sending the message that they think is a great idea.

The hypothesis is that big business firms seem to think the positive coverage their advertising will get by mainstream media and the activist circles will outweigh any consumer backlash.

OutClick stresses that Dylan Mulvaney has been presenting himself as a “caricature of femininity” and yet garnered a huge social media following because of that.

It notes even before Nike and Bud Light stepped in and took up the transgender figure, Tampax began the trend by using Mulvaney to advertise its tampons to biological women.

The report concludes with the expectation that the next brand to hire Mulvaney to promote its products to women would likely be even more absurd and ridiculous.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.