Controversy Grows About Whether People Need Third Shot of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

We can’t seem to go two days without the goalposts moving on COVID and the vaccine. Whether it’s masks, risks, variants, or lockdowns, our establishment elites almost look like they’re playing a joke on us. 

Every few days Fauci or some bigwig says something new. They lied about where the virus came from; then, they tried to blame Trump for it. The establishment did everything in their book to make sure Trump lost the election over COVID. 

Of course, we saw what they did and were not the slightest bit impressed. Now, even more controversy is coming up over whether people who got the Pfizer vaccine will need a third shot. 

Pfizer Moving to Authorize Third Shot

Pfizer is reportedly asking for emergency clearance to start giving out third shots, which it says are necessary to keep immunity from COVID. 

This booster shot is needed around six months after your first of the other two shots; it will also supposedly stop the Delta variant. 

Even though it’s not as dangerous, the Delta variant could certainly be a good excuse for Pfizer to rack up some epic profits at the American people’s expense. 

It’s true that the antibodies from those who’ve had COVID don’t appear to provide much protection from the Delta variant. However the two Pfizer shots reportedly give you 95% protection against Delta.

So why is Pfizer making moves to get another shot in your arm? I’m pretty sure the answer can be found in your wallet. 

Here’s the Deal

We don’t know all the long-term effects of any of these vaccines. We just don’t. That’s not “anti-vaxxer” talk; it’s a fact.

What is the point in chancing it on this third booster shot, especially if you should be concerned about the millions who don’t have their first two shots yet?

The federal government, from Fauci to Jill Biden, has been obsessed with getting everyone vaccinated. 

Furthermore, we now know that vaccine pushers have been going door-to-door to pressure people into taking this experimental vaccine. They will now be targeting low-vaccinated areas. 

Is it already time to also be talking about a third dose on Pfizer? What about a fourth dose, maybe a fifth … a sixth? 

None of this subject is going to become clear for years. It’s highly ironic that the crowd who claims to believe in “science” completely does not believe in science, nor do they care about letting the scientific process take its course. 

You can’t study the long-term effects of a vaccine without having a long time period. That’s kindergarten level logic which is so obvious it’s hard to believe anyone wouldn’t get it. 

Yet, we’re told these vaccines are obviously fine and that we should just keep letting bureaucrats jab us whenever they want. 

No, thank you.