Controversy Erupts at Fancy New York Private School Over New Anti-Racism Rules

Black Lives Matter - Melbourne (Australia) Rally by matt hrkac is licensed under CC BY 2.0

New York City’s fancy Dalton private school is perhaps best known for once having pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher and famous graduates like CNN‘s fake news maestro Anderson Cooper and actor Christian Slater.

Now the Dalton School is also making headlines after new “anti-racism” guidelines are causing controversy among students and parents.

What are the New ‘Anti-Racism’ Rules?

An eight page list of guidelines includes employing 12 permanent “diversity officers” as well as a number of school counsellors who students who feel traumatized about racial issues.

There will also be a special staff member for Black students who get in trouble or are upset about anything and another full-time “advocate” only for Black students since Dalton is mostly white and that is stressful to some of them.

All new Black employees will have their student debt paid off by the school upon being offered a job. All staff will be required to make official anti-racism statements to prove they are not racist.

In addition, Dalton’s curriculum will be refocused on fighting “white supremacy” and pro-Black courses looking at history from the point-of-view of Black liberation. The arts programs and theater will also be focused on social justice and pro-Black themes and “diversity.”

It Gets Worse

The massively expensive private high school which has tuition costs of over $54,000 per year will also be getting rid of any courses where Black students are not doing as well as non-Black students by 2023 and giving half of Dalton’s fundraising money to NYC public schools if it doesn’t achieve a racial quota that is equivalent to the “gender, race, socioeconomic background, and immigration status” of students in New York City as a whole by 2025.

This means unless it gets enough illegal immigrants, students of color and poor people by 2025, Dalton will start sending boatloads of money to New York City’s disastrously failing public school system.

Dalton: Rules are Just ‘A Set of Thought-Starters’

According to Dalton’s leadership, the rules are only ideas for now and are part of guidelines thought up last summer by staff.

“Dalton’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism is grounded in our deep appreciation for the dignity of all community members, an understanding of differing life backgrounds, empathy for one another, and the ability to engage and listen with respect across differences,” the school said in an Orwellian statement to the media.

Black Lives Matter by seikoesquepayne is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Upper East Side Dalton School has had various complaints about racial tension at the school, but other parents feel disrespected by the new rules and their focus on skin tone. One Dalton parent who has taken his kids out of the school claimed that most parents there are “terrified” to say their opinion and are acting like “spineless wimps.”

Dalton Teachers Won’t Come Back Unless New Rules Put in Place?

Dalton is denying that teachers are refusing to come back unless the new rules are put in place, saying it expects all staff back after winter break. However some reporters from Campusland author Scott Johnston say that teachers there are protesting and want the new anti-racism rules put into action.

Johnston said the school has already made kids watch anti-White documentaries shaming white children and won’t even put on a play like To Kill a Mockingbird anymore because “it’s a White man trying to save a Black man.”

There is no doubt that despite many rich parents going along with the school’s ritual of racist rhetoric others will not. Parents are also upset that Dalton has kept its classes completely virtual while some other schools have started going back to class in person.  A petition by parents to return to in-person classes was seen as racist by Dalton, since many of its Black students live in areas of the city with higher COVID rates and can’t come back to school safely at this time.

Dalton says classes this January will be remote with an in-person option.