Controversial New Bill Will Stop Foreigners from Buying Land in America

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas and Congresswoman Mary Miller of Illinois are putting forward a new law that would block foreigners from buying American land.

According to the bill, US “sovereignty” is being harmed by the ability of foreigners to purchase land within the United States.

It would start by blocking foreigners from buying any private or public piece of property in the United States for five years.

What Else Does the Bill Say?

The bill is set to be introduced on the floor in the coming days; it also blocks foreign corporations and institutions linked to foreign governments from buying US property.

It would likewise require a detailed assessment to be put out, showing all land in the US that is foreign-owned to be released for public knowledge. It even has parts of the law to ensure land ownership is prioritized for Americans and made easier for Americans.

This especially includes agricultural property and farms, which are increasingly being bought up by foreign individuals and holding companies.

The new bill from Miller and Gohmert notes there are serious problems with foreign entities and individuals buying up American property.

What’s the Motivation for the Bill?

As the National Security Moratorium on Foreign Purchases of US Land bill notes, around 30% of small residences in the United States are now owned by non-Americans, who are buying them as investments.

As prices skyrocket and these people are enriched by shadow flipping homes and taking advantage of the demand for housing, Gohmert and Miller want to take a stand against that.

These two America First conservatives have been seen around Capitol Hill refusing to wear masks and they aren’t afraid to stand out.

The bill directly calls out the effect of foreign investors and companies jacking up prices and taking advantage of gentrifying vulnerable urban neighborhoods, thereby hurting the poor.

As the bill also observes, Chinese citizens tied to the Communist Party are a particularly large concern.

They are the leading group of foreign people and entities who bought up US land in the past decade, especially agricultural property that will give them “strategic leverage.”

Just Look at the Numbers

Gohmert and Miller are on the right track here.

Just look at the numbers; almost two million acres of farmland have been bought up by foreigners in Texas over the past ten years. That’s about $3.5 billion in land.

If you don’t own the land in your country, how do you even have a country? As President Trump said, no borders, no country. The same goes for owning your own land.

Somebody needs to take a stand against this.  We can’t allow foreign individuals and companies linked to China’s Communist Party and other malicious entities to keep being able to buy land in America.