Conservative Victory: A Roadmap for 2022

The coming year has the chance to be a turning point for conservatives. The Republican Party holds huge leads in the national polls. Conservative and Independent voters are building a red wave that will flood even blue states.

There’s a roadmap to victory for 2022 that has a real chance of saving America. However, it has to be done right, and we can’t get fooled by the same tricks RINOs and the left have used in the past.

Here’s how to really win.

A Real Roadmap to Retake America in 2022

In order to retake America in 2022, we need to look at more than just the midterms. The midterm elections will likely see a fresh crop of talent come in with America First credentials.

These men and women are mostly patriots who love our country and want to restore the spirit of America. The danger lies in what happens once they come to Washington, DC and get attacked by swamp creatures and lobbyists.

The donors and special interests, as well as the liberal snakes in the grass, will be making deals with them before they ever cast a vote on their first bill; many will begin turning.

To really retake America in 2022, we need to have a movement of the people that puts America First and demands accountability and answers from our politicians.

Staying Awake

In addition to demanding that incoming politicians be America First, we need to stay awake to the sick games the left likes to play.

Along with their media allies, it’s fully possible and even likely that George Soros and his leftist-funded judges and politicians will try launching another color revolution on this country in the coming year.

We can look forward to fresh controversies that are used by the media and the Biden regime to get people out on the streets. Look for leftists pretending to be white supremacists in order to stir up riots.

Look for all sorts of dirty tricks as the Biden-Harris nightmare turns on the afterburner and tries to sink its claws into this country, suppressing the conservative vote.

The Bottom Line

When they lose at the polls, the Democrats gin up a street army.

This is where their paid-off trolls go to play: illegal immigrants, communists, fascist agitators, and LGBT welfare psychopaths waving freak flags.

These people get violent and they’re not very nice. They burn things, stab people and even occasionally show up with guns.

In order to have a real roadmap to conservative victory in 2022, we need to be fully prepared for the kind of sick games the left is going to throw our way.

We also need to unite together as the America First movement. The rules are simple: if you love this country and put her first, you’re on my team!