Conservative Congressman Mo Brooks Drops Bombshell About COVID

Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama has stood with the America First movement from the very beginning. That’s because he loves this country and its people for real, not just as a political tactic.

Brooks has also been a brave truth-teller about COVID from the start. Unlike our mainstream media and its many lies, Brooks sought the truth and called out Communist China for its evil policies.

Now, he’s dropping a bombshell about COVID and who’s to blame.

Brooks Bashes China’s Military

Speaking recently on Fox, Brooks went all out.

He got specific about COVID and who’s to blame. He said he is highly certain that COVID started as a “bioweapon” made by China’s People’s Liberation Army on the orders of the leading Communist Party.

Pointing his finger squarely at the Wuhan Virology Lab, Brooks said he’s sick of the Democrats holding back and being reluctant to talk about what COVID really is and how it started.

Brooks is currently making a run for the US Senate and hoping to upgrade his seat in this year’s midterms. Part of that is he’s not holding back at all on COVID and what it means.

He wants others to join in, saying being scared to be open about China’s guilt only makes our country weaker and blinded.

Brooks Goes Further

Brooks went even further in his accusations, saying a reluctant attitude on the left is part of why we’ve crippled ourselves so badly over COVID.

By ignoring and lying about its origins as a “bioweapon,” Brooks said we have allowed Democrats and Joe Biden to shut down the economy and blame us for its spread.

Really, according to Brooks, we need to put the blame fully on Communist China and understand this is a “bioweapon,” not a regular virus.

Questions from the media to Brooks about how he knows for sure that it’s a “bioweapon” were dismissed by the congressman.

Brooks said he’s seen “proof.” This proof includes classified files that show it is indeed a bioweapon from the Communist Chinese working with their own military’s weapons division.

The Bottom Line

Brooks said he’s not 100% on the virus being a bioweapon, but he’s highly certain nonetheless and puts the blame fully on China and its global ambitions to dominate the world.

At this point, Brooks is being blamed by the left for allegedly being one of those who supported the January 6 MAGA riots. He supposedly cheered on those coming in the Capitol as they entered.

What’s clear is this guy doesn’t play by the rules. He is willing to take a risk by commenting on COVID. Calling out the Democrat response also shows Brooks understands our response has not been the correct one.