Congressman Steve Scalise Crushes Kamala Harris on Immigration

Congressman Steve Scalise recently took VP Kamala Harris to task for her complete failure on the Southern border, including the fact that she still hasn’t visited it. 

As Scalise said, the “debacle” made by the Biden administration’s border flip-flopping and her own ignorance has let the situation get much worse on the US-Mexico border. 

There’s definitely “something wrong” when terrorists are able to find the US-Mexico land border but Harris can’t, Scalise said. 

Indeed the FBI has noted that several individuals on our terror watchlist were caught at the border in the past few months. 

Imagine all those who haven’t been caught. 

Like President Trump said: if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a nation. 

‘Come Down to Our Southern Border’

Scalise urged Harris to “come [visit] our Southern border.” He also pointed out how crazy it is that people who are suspected terrorists can “roam across” the border, but Harris can’t even hop on Air Force Two and go down to assess the situation. 

She apparently has more important things to do, such as her recent attendance of a gay pride parade in Washington, D.C. 

As a victim of the congressional baseball shooting in 2017 who was almost shot to death, Scalise is a brave man. He’s not about to let Harris off the hook for her failures on immigration and protecting this country. 

He’s visited the border multiple times and as he said, Trump’s policies there were successful. Unlike what the Democrats and their media allies claimed, it was not a humanitarian nightmare or some kind of racist border scenario, it was the exact opposite. 

That’s what it’s become now under the false humanitarianism of the Biden-Harris regime. 

50 Republicans Sign Petition for Biden to Fire Harris

Scalise isn’t just talk, either. He and 55 others have signed a petition to get Biden to fire Harris as border czar, saying that her “inaction” is making things worse. 

The legislators are headed by by Congressman Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin. Grothman notes that in the three months since Harris was put in charge of improving the situation, she hasn’t even met with border officials, gone to the border, or “shown adequate interest.”

That’s putting it politely. 

All Harris did was go on a grandstanding trip to Guatemala and Mexico that was a complete embarrassment to the United States and a shame to this nation. 

She completely failed at diplomacy and ended up saying bizarre things. This showed just how much of a mixed message the Biden administration has. They want to tell illegal immigrants not to come, but then also want to pander to their leftist base who believes “no human is illegal.”

Harris needs to be relieved of her border duties as soon as possible.