Congressman Jim Jordan Has Bad News for Dr. Tony Fauci

Congressman Jim Jordan is leading the fight against the COVID lies of Dr. Fauci and his cretinous crew; now, he has a warning for the good doctor.

With the GOP set to sweep over the coming midterm elections and take charge of the House once again, Jordan has some bad news for Fauci…

Justice is coming.

Let’s Be Honest About Fauci…

First of all, let’s be honest about Fauci and President Trump. Regardless of how much you support Trump, you have to be honest: Trump enabled Fauci and handed him the keys to the country.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now accusing, Trump didn’t do enough to stand up to the lies and misinformation that Fauci trumpeted. This is especially true of the disastrous lockdowns, which harmed our nation and its economy and saved zero lives.

Now, it’s going to be up to the GOP to hold Fauci accountable and investigate just how deep his crimes go.

Thankfully, members like Jim Jordan are here to get that job done, with Jordan recently saying a GOP majority after the midterms will “definitely” be investigating Fauci fully.

The list of reasons is long and disturbing. At this point, we know the following:

  • Fauci knowingly lied about the possible origins of COVID from a Wuhan lab
  • Fauci knowingly lied to Senator Rand Paul about the CDC’s funding of extremely risky gain-of-function research
  • Fauci knowingly lied about the efficacy of cloth masks
  • Fauci spread misinformation about herd immunity and the COVID vaccine
  • Fauci spread hate and fear in America, saying anyone who disagreed with him opposes “science.”

Also, this is just the start of the list…

There Will Be Justice

According to Jordan, there will be justice for Fauci. He said in particular, they are going to find out when exactly Fauci knew COVID originated in a lab and why he lied about it.

As Jordan says, our “top scientists” were already admitting COVID was clearly of lab origin.

However, instead of acknowledging these points of view, Fauci intentionally parroted now-discredited propaganda that was put out in medical journals, claiming it was “impossible” the virus was man-made.

Experts in virology were warning all along the virus was definitely man-made and that it had been intentionally disguised to appear not to be man-made.

How much did Fauci know, and when? The American people need to know and they need to comprehend why Fauci was lying about this and about the response to COVID.

Too many people have died, and too many businesses shut down forever, for us to keep accepting the Democrat-led worship of this strange little man.

The Bottom Line

Fauci lied, people died. Let’s hope the incoming GOP wave can hold this goblin’s feet to the fire, because we want answers.