Conflict in Kazakhstan Could Bring War Between US and Russia

Kazakhstan is a former communist country that used to be controlled by Russia. It has a population of almost 19 million and is located south of Russia in Central Asia.

Recently, the country has been torn up by violent protests against the government led by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Here’s the problem: Tokayev’s government is backed by Russia and says it will kill all militants until order is restored.

Meanwhile, the US sees this as a further expansion of Russia at just the time when Ukraine is also under threat.

What’s Happening in Kazakhstan?

Thousands of protesters with different beliefs have risen up against the strong-arm government of Kazakhstan.

The president calls them “bandits” and “terrorists” and says they have been trained by enemies to sabotage his government and bring it down.

Tokayev claims foreign governments like the US are trying to overthrow him by training foreign spies and militants to lead an uprising.

He says they will all be killed as soon as possible to restore order. Experts express a rise in fuel prices and the country’s repressive political system, tied with a collapsing economy, are the real primary reasons behind the uprising.

So far, over two dozen protesters have been killed. At this point, Kazakhstan is a powderkeg that appears to already have been lit.

Russian troops have already entered the country, including the capital of Almaty, to protect against advancing rebels. This incursion brings the US closer to war with Russia as the accusations grow in intensity.

Geopolitical Chaos

According to Russia, its soldiers won’t go head to head with the rioters. Tokayev is nonetheless saying ‘thank you’ to Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his “rapid” help.

The Biden regime says it is watching the situation, in case Kazakhstan violates people’s rights, and they are not happy about Russia being involved.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said it’s unclear why Kazakhstan needs Russia’s help to put down the disorder. Blinken’s hint is very obvious here.

He’s giving Russia a warning not to get more involved and implying the US believes this is just an excuse for Russia to expand its geopolitical footprint.

Biden’s weak and confusing leadership has emboldened dangerous situations all over the world and put our country in great danger.

The Bottom Line

The world is in chaos at this time. Russian troops are right on the Ukraine border, ready to invade. North Korea is provoking the world with missile tests once again.

China is lurking in the waters of the South China Sea and threatening Taiwan. Now, Kazakhstan is burning down.

We don’t even have ambassadors in Ukraine or Kazakhstan. The Biden regime is an utter disgrace. Their criticism of Trump couldn’t be more ironic.