Company Discovers What Happens When You Lie About Conservatives Being Racist

Large corporations like Nike, Google, and Apple have gone fully woke, amplifying the voice of the far left.

From supporting the Marxist BLM movement, to getting involved in the Colin Kaepernick kneeling protest and transgender issues, for example, many large woke corporations made a choice to come down on the side of the extreme left.

Their calculation is they can still rake in profits, while also seizing on the energy and momentum of various emotionally-charged social movements.

Smaller companies have seen these corporate giants do what they want and decided they might as well try it themselves, but they’re quickly finding out that this is a terrible idea.

Go Woke, Go Broke

As President Trump has previously said, when you go woke, you end up going broke.

Large multinational corporations could afford to come out with far-left ad campaigns because their profits were already massive and could absorb controversies and anger.

Yet, smaller companies don’t have that luxury. They also don’t have the use of slave labor and cheaply sourced materials like Nike and Apple; nor do they have hands deep in the pockets of US intelligence and government like Google.

That’s why when smaller companies try to go woke, they go broke. The latest example comes out of Wisconsin, where Penzeys Spices company is begging for its customers back after pulling a woke stunt.

Penzeys chief Bill Penzey sent out emails, directly calling Republicans racist and supporting BLM. He also said conservatives are gun-obsessed nutjobs who want to “shoot” black people. Yes, the head of an American spice company actually wrote this in an email to customers.

It didn’t go so well. Now, Penzeys is losing profits faster than a sinking ship and begging people to buy gift cards so it won’t go under.

Penzey Claims Backlash Proves He’s Right

In a typical example of leftist logic, Penzey is claiming that the fall in sales and 40,000 people who unsubscribed after the angry email only proves he is right. The CEO claims it is not “unexpected,” but still has led to a shortfall in revenue.

For that reason, he recently urged Penzeys fans to buy gift cards. There were actually around 30,000 new people who signed up because of the racist rant, but since 40,000 left, that’s still about 10,000 down.

That’s not to mention that Penzeys’ reputation just keeps getting worse, and they keep putting out anti-conservative messaging online.

Penzeys is actively trying to drive non-conservatives out of its customer base, which is a choice it can make.

However, the hundreds of conservative and patriot-aligned businesses who don’t talk politics in their marketing will eventually rise above these immature, anti-American companies for one simple reason: successful companies focus on business, not woke stupidity.