Communist Democrats Seek to Kill Gun Defense of Property in Woke City

Democrats are staging a fresh onslaught to promote crime and terrorize law-abiding Americans in California.

This time, they’re proposing that security guards should be prohibited from using their guns in cases of theft – which have become tremendously rampant, thanks to those same Democrats.

Using Crime to Terrorize Americans into Submission

It is mind-blowing that this nation, the greatest military and economic power the world has ever known, allowed woke Democrats to stage such a staggering subversion of public safety.

The left’s ultimate goal is to terrorize the proud people of the United States into utter submission through lawlessness, crime, and despair. In order to achieve their vile agenda, though, the absolutely evil lefties are taking it one step at a time.

A new one appears to be the push by a city legislator in crime-ravaged San Francisco to ban security guards in stores and other public venues from drawing their guns in cases of theft.

They Want to Kill Your Right to Defend Private Property

The proposal to prohibit armed defense of property against theft has come from Dean Preston, a Socialist Democrat member of the city’s Board of Supervisors.

In a video uploaded on Twitter, Preston, the District 5 County Supervisor, announced he would be spearheading specific legislation to ban guards from using their weapons in order to defend property, Washington Examiner reported.

The communist lawmaker then argued “human life” matters more than “property.” Therefore, security guards have to be prevented from upholstering firearms “just to protect property.”

Preston’s idiotic proposal comes after the shooting death of Banko Brown, 24, on April 27, at a Walgreens by security guard Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, 33. Anthony was let go without prosecution.

The measure proposed by the deranged Democrat is clearly designed to destroy Americans’ right to protect their property by lethal force if needed. It is being tested in San Francisco.