Communist China Using TikTok to Invade America, FBI Head Warns

Communist China is practically capable of invading America using its social media platform, TikTok.

Its ruling Chinese Communist Party can take control of Americans’ phones through the TikTok app, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned in a “stunning” testimony before members of the US Senate.

China’s Total Espionage, Information Ops Through TikTok

It has been known for a while now that China’s totalitarian dictatorship is in control of TikTok and its app. Although countless teens, as well as adults in the United States using the Chinese social media platform, have been oblivious to that.

Some Republican-run states have started adopting regulations banning their employees from using TikTok on government-issue phones and other devices.

This is precisely because it seems crystal clear that China is using the app for espionage purposes against America.

The legitimacy of Republicans’ concerns about China using TikTok as a Trojan horse to subvert and weaken America from the inside has now been practically confirmed by the testimony of the FBI director.

Wray “stunned” US senators in a new hearing by verifying the communist regime in Beijing is capable of remotely controlling the smartphones of Americans through the TikTok app.

The FBI chief pointed out that the Chinese government has been “gobbling up information and data,” especially now that it has AI, supercomputing, and other tools. It is “marshaling” all the harvested data for “espionage.”

Wray further emphasized to the Senate Intelligence Committee that data in today’s world was ‘the coin of the realm” and those with the best information controlled the “power.”

He pointed out the Equifax hack – the 2017 data breach at the Equifax credit agency – which allowed China to steal the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of almost half the US population.

The FBI leader also dwelled on how control of the data, along with big data operations and algorithms, “allows them to” carry out “influence operations,” as cited by The Daily Wire.

In his words, China’s communist government already has a tool for carrying out such operations that cause tremendous national security concerns.

TikTok Gives China Many Options to Weaken America

Responding to a question by committee ranking member Sen. Marco Rubio, Wray made it clear that the Chinese could use TikTok in order to control the data of millions of Americans and also control software on their devices.

He emphasized they could also spread narratives to divide and pit Americans against one another.

To make matters worse, the FBI chief warned China could carry out information operations against the US in such a manner that American officials might not even become aware of it.

Wray made it clear one of the most sacred things in the US – the separation of the public and private sector – was “nonexistent” for the Chinese Communist Party. This means Beijing is free to utilize nominally private companies, such as TikTok, in its attacks against America.

Rubio pointed out that American children were shown clips on TikTok about choking themselves; whereas in China, children on TikTok were shown videos about focusing on science and math and building up their country.

Wray said Rubio was right to suggest China was pumping poison into American users’ feeds, but that was just one of many ways China’s using the TikTok app to weaken and sabotage the United States.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.