Comedian Bill Burr Burns CNN So Badly It’s Still Smoking

We are so used to celebrities and comedians being liberal that we sometimes forget not all of them are. One example is the comedian Bill Burr. He curses a lot and tells some rude jokes, but he’s no liberal.

In fact, Burr hates how the media keeps trying to label him or anyone. He’s just a guy, and he’s not even very political. However, he hates the way he sees liberals and the left treating this country and behaving.

That makes two of us, buddy, trust me. Burr’s latest comments went very hard on CNN; they left audiences gasping with laughter as he launched a brutal takedown of the degenerate, fake news headquarters. 

Burr Calls CNN ‘Treasonous’ and ‘Un-American Pieces of S–t’

In his epic rant on his recent podcast, Burr let loose about how stupid CNN is and how it can’t shut up about Trump, even though he’s no longer president. Burr said that it’s incredible to him that anyone actually watches CNN because it’s “so dumb.” He then called CNN a “treasonous” and “piece of s–t” news channel that’s “un-American.”

The reason he got into CNN is that Bill’s mother-in-law (who helps look after his kids) always switches on CNN and it’s starting to annoy the hell out of him. The main reason is that despite all the problems we have in this country, Burr noticed they’re always talking about Trump. 

Why Does CNN Focus So Hard on Trump?

Burr thinks it’s ratings. As he said, Biden is boring and gets no ratings. Burr said CNN feels restricted because they can’t “b–tch” about Biden, due to him being a Democrat, so they go on and on about “Darth Vader” to get ratings. 

Part of Burr’s anger comes from the fact that he’s in the Mandalorian and was outraged when star Gina Carano was fired for putting up a meme that some people didn’t like. Calling Carano “super nice,” Burr said firing her was an awful thing to do.

He’s been steadily opposed to political correctness for years now and even came under fire from the left with accusations of racism, despite having a black wife. 

At any rate, Burr is right about CNN. Its ratings are in the toilet and we can only hope it will shut down for good in the coming years. The fact that anyone even watches CNN anymore is honestly a misinformation hazard to their health.

Instead of shutting down people’s Facebook accounts over sharing legitimate news about COVID and the vaccine, the government should shut down CNN over fake news. Then again, we all know who’s in charge and their motivations. Burr had it right: un-American. CNN is a disgusting joke that’s not even funny anymore.