Colin Kaepernick Makes an A** of Himself Again Trash-Talking NFL

Most of us remember Colin Kaepernick from a couple of years ago when he started kneeling during the National Anthem. The former NFL player tried to turn our sports into a racism protest event and ruined football for many people.

He disrespected our anthem and our veterans with his behavior; however, the liberal media went bananas over Kaepernick’s performance, calling him a brave hero. He also scored huge contracts with Nike, selling their slave-labor made products proudly.

Now, Kaepernick is back with a new documentary on far-left Netflix. It’s called Colin in Black & White. The documentary is just as bad as you think; actually, it’s even worse.

What’s the New Documentary About?

The new documentary is about Kaepernick’s life, because we all know that’s apparently just so interesting. In one part of the documentary, Kaepernick talks about the NFL process for picking new players.

He says they are treated like slaves, as they are selected during the combine process. According to Kap, this is extremely disrespectful and dehumanizes the black players to let them know they’re just slaves who belong to the league now.

Slavery, Really?

Here’s one problem: the same combine process to check out players, look at their physical health, and assess their worth is also done to white players and players of all ethnic backgrounds.

Kaepernick is a complete drama queen who still has big contracts with Nike which uses Chinese slave labor in China’s Xinjiang province. Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to cover Colin Kaepernick and his propaganda.

It Gets Worse…

It gets worse than Kaepernick working for Nike and making money from Uyghur slave labor in China. Kaepernick also said only several weeks ago he’s been working out hard to try and get back into the NFL.

Clearly, during this same time, his documentary was being made about how the selection process and system in the NFL is a form of modern slavery.

Professional sports is a high octane and demanding system where players are sometimes treated like objects. People put a ton of money into drafting them and they want performance.

It’s not for everyone; that’s for sure: fair enough. However, it’s certainly not “racial” in any way; Kaepernick’s lies are the kind of thing that only increases tension and problems in our already divided country.

In other words, he’s part of the problem, not the solution. Plus, there’s the lack of logic to consider here about Kaepernick’s claims regarding the NFL.

So, essentially, Kaepernick believes the NFL is like slavery, but he still wants to be part of it? That makes absolutely no sense. Clearly, Kaepernick doesn’t actually think it’s like slavery and he just wants to score cheap woke points like the race hustler that he is.