Coca-Cola Gets Woke: Training Employees to ‘Be Less White’

Levitating Coca Cola by kulepind is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coca-Cola is a drink that some of us enjoy. It’s got lots of sugar and it might not be that healthy, but it can be awfully refreshing on a hot summer day.

President Trump even had a special Coke button which he would press in order to have a Diet Coke brought into him to reenergize him on a long day behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Coke – like many large multinational American corporations – is getting a little bit strange, however. It’s been climbing aboard the woke train.

Strong statements of support for BLM and the protests last summer after the death of George Floyd. All sorts of sensitivity training and concerns about racial tension and identity.

You’d think a drink company could focus on, well, making drinks. 

But apparently you’d be wrong.

An employee has now leaked footage from Coke’s employee training seminars that includes the bizarre and offensive command to “be less white” as part of how to be a good Coke employee.

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Company Whistleblower Exposes Coke Going Off the Deep End

The whistleblower who released the footage shows that Coke is using training videos from “antiracist” speaker and diversity “White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo and includes orders to try to “be less white” in order to be a good person.

Corporate training incorporating critical race theory of the kind taught by people like DiAngelo and Professor Ibram X. Kendi is increasingly popular, as woke capitalism tries to get social justice points for basically picking on white people, Christians and conservatives of any color.

“Nothing exempts any white person from the forces of racism” according to DiAngelo, who adds that “In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white.”

What she means is that all white people are racist because they’re white.

What she means is that even though people like her believe “whiteness” and race itself is a social construct they also believe it’s an evil social construct and is still real insofar as it has power. Therefore the concept of whiteness needs to be done away with and destroyed.

And guess what? Destroying the “concept” and “identity experience” of being white means people who actually are white need to be made to be ashamed of it and punished for their race.

Does that sound just a little bit racist or is that just me?

What is Coke Smoking?

In the training materials released, employees are told a list of ways they can be less white in order to avoid being a horrible person. This inherently links being white to being a bad person by default.

Behaviors that Coke’s training links to being white include being arrogant, oppressive, defensive, dismissive of others’ experiences and loyal to people based on them being white. This paranoid insanity is actually being taught at one of America’s largest corporations.

Another section quotes DiAngelo saying that anytime people of color get a small victory or advancement in their rights white poeple go crazy with anger. She points to President Obama as an example.

It might interest political genius DiAngelo to know that Obama was unpopular among many people because of his policies, arrogance, oppressiveness, dismissiveness of other people’s experiences and demonization of conservatives and Christians, not because of his skin tone.

But then again, these people don’t care about what’s actually true, they just care about crapping all over people with pale skin. (People like DiAngelo herself).

As for those who treat everyone equally and respect people of all ethnicities? You’re useless, according to DiAngelo, since you don’t actually do anything to challenge the racist system.

Using the training materials of this sad white liberal woman for their employees is actually a risk for Coca-Cola however. Even though woke corporations think they can just put their money on going as woke as possible and rake in the cash from all their “social consciousness,” pushing this kind of toxic garbage on people could lead to all sorts of lawsuits down the line if employees have reason to believe they were held back and not promoted or punished on the basis of their race, religion or beliefs.