CNN’s Jake Tapper Torches NSA Jack Sullivan for $3 Billion Found in Accounting Error

CNN host Jake Tapper torched National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan over $3 billion dollars the Pentagon discovered in its possession, following a so-called “accounting error.”

Tapper called the financial mishap one hell of an error for the Pentagon to make. 

$3 Billion Found at Random? 

In an interview on CNN Sunday, NSA Adviser Jack Sullivan claimed the Pentagon’s software overvalued military aid to Ukraine by $3 billion, an unusual error that Tapper called bizarre since Department of Defense officials were completely unaware of it. 

According to the Pentagon, the initial error was a result of assigning a higher value to warranted weaponry derived from American stocks and funneled to Ukraine. 

Since August 2021, American military aid to Ukraine has amounted to over $21.1 billion. This comes in stockpiles ranging from howitzer cannons to Patriot surface-to-air missiles, each with additional ammunition costs. 

Mental Gymnastics 

Tapper pressed Sullivan on the notion that the Pentagon was oblivious to a few billion dollars. 

Sullivan attempted to rebuke Tapper’s accusations, avowing the $3 billion was not a waste of money which suddenly vanished, but acts as the replacement cost for the military equipment provided to Ukrainians, rather than its actual price. 

In addition, it’s extra money the Pentagon is prepared to vacuum up and spend.  

Sullivan then proceeded to hinder his argument by pointing out the $77 billion in taxpayer dollars the US has committed to assisting Ukraine. However, it wasn’t long until Sullivan later claimed that not one cent will go missing. 

Since late February 2022, the US has dispersed $40 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine. Nineteen Senate and House Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Lauren Boebert, have called the president to discuss this crucial matter.

Republicans have also decided to send a letter to President Joe Biden, requesting the United States to cease all aid packages to Ukraine.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.