CNN Reporter Jake Tapper Admits the Truth About COVID

CNN isn’t exactly known for telling the truth. In fact, most recently, the network has become known for being a den of accused sex pests, predators, and pedophiles.

Numerous people at CNN are facing serious charges, including child molestation charges against producer John Griffin and sexual harassment accusations against anchor Don Lemon.

Yet, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The latest example comes from CNN anchor Jake Tapper. This guy occasionally stumbles across the truth; his latest tussle with truth is getting some recognition from people who are happy to finally be hearing a tiny bit less propaganda.

What Did Tapper Say?

Speaking recently on CNN, Tapper said the way the CDC has been counting people who are in hospitals with COVID is dishonest.

The words he actually used were it is “kind of misleading” to count people who have COVID, but are in hospitals for something else, as being in hospitals for COVID.

Over two years after the rest of us already realized the government and CDC were counting people in hospitals for something else as COVID patients, people like Tapper are apparently now realizing the same thing.

If you’re in the hospital for broken bones or a heart problem and also have COVID, counting you as a COVID hospitalization is kind of dishonest.

If you had a car accident and happened to have COVID at the time you are brought in, to call you a COVID case is “misleading,” as Tapper admitted.

Considering over 40% of “COVID” hospitalizations in some hospitals were recently revealed as being like this, it’s not honest to claim COVID is as high as it is, as Tapper said.

It’s actually more than just misleading; it’s a straight-up lie, but at least Tapper is starting to admit the beginning of the truth.

Why is This Happening?

It’s hard to believe the liberal media is just suddenly telling the truth because they’re nice guys. It’s true Tapper has shown streaks of honesty sometimes and also included respectful tributes to our veterans.

So maybe he’s just one good guy among a crew of liars? That’s possible. However, what’s more likely here is the liberals are switching tracks.

As their lies are exposed and admitted by the CDC and others, they are suddenly pretending to take an interest in basic facts and truth.

The CDC is even admitting most people who are dying of COVID now have multiple comorbidities (simultaneous other illnesses). In fact, the average amount of people who are dying from omicron have four comorbidities.

That’s a lot! Calling these COVID deaths is a bit of a stretch, to say the least…

What else will the liberal media finally shine a light on?