CNN Lies Shamefully About the Waukesha Massacre

CNN has earned a reputation for fake news, and it’s a reputation that it fully deserves. The network just can’t stop lying and shamefully trying to divide the American people. CNN’s favorite way to tear this nation apart is by race.

They love to demonize white people and create a narrative where every bad thing that ever happens is because of racism. It’s untrue and it’s highly toxic, but CNN just wants the eyeballs and clicks.

When news happens that goes against their racial narrative, however, CNN gets quieter than a church mouse. There’s no better example than CNN’s reaction to the recent horrific massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

People Died, CNN Lied

The suspect in the Waukesha attack is a 39-year-old criminal racist called Darrell Brooks. He has a long record of violent crime and shouldn’t have even been out of jail at the time the attack occurred.

The reason he was out is progressives made lax bail laws to coddle criminals and feel good about themselves. The result is dead kids and families who will have the worst Christmas of their lives.

CNN, however, has followed the same pattern as the rest of the liberal media. They’ve done their absolute best to make the story go away as fast as possible.

They’ve also completely avoided digging into Brooks’ past or online presence, where he expressed hate for Jews, white people, conservatives, and society.

Not only has this fake news outlet had zero real curiosity about why someone was so hateful towards America and white people, but they also have done their best to not mention him at all. Seriously.

What Did CNN Do This Time?

You would think CNN has its hands full enough with host Don Lemon facing serious sexual assault charges, but CNN still finds plenty of time to lie.

The Waukesha massacre should have been something CNN took seriously and wanted to know more about it, but instead, they have done everything to downplay it. They even tweeted out a “car” is what killed people in Waukesha.

They forgot to mention the small detail that the “car” (SUV) was actually just doing what its driver told it to do. It was running people over because the driver of the car apparently wanted to kill as many people as possible.

In the news business, this would be what’s known as a basic fact. At fake news CNN, that’s what’s known as not important. They clearly want people to forget all about what happened and why. CNN are fake news communist criminals.

The Bottom Line

CNN only wants to hype the news and care about victims when it suits their narrative. They are pure, unfiltered propaganda. CNN also actively helped spread the kind of hate that apparently filled the rotten heart of Darrell Brooks.

They should hang their heads in shame and go off the air forever.